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OWI/DUI Charge - Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Jury finds GRL Law client NOT GUILTY of Serious Injury by Vehicle by Operating While Intoxicated but guilty of misdemeanor Operating While Intoxicated. Client avoided mandatory 5 years in prison.

Third Degree Theft Charge - West Des Moines, Polk County Iowa.  Theft in the Third Degree charge dismissed outright.

Iowa Supreme Court concludes the our client was improperly punished and more severely when he exercised his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination at sentencing. Read More......

OWI 1st Offense - Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  OWI 1st Offense amended to Reckless Driving.

Motion to suppress evidence - Forrest City, Winnebago County, Iowa.  Clients motion to suppress evidence which included marijuana and gun was granted when court concluded that postal inspector’s search of package and residence was illegal because it was done without clients consent.

OWI & Possession Suppressed Evidence - Sac City, Sac County, Iowa. OWI first offense and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia dismissed after judge grants defendant’s motion to suppress evidence. Driving privileges spared.

2nd OWI Amended - Altoona, Polk County, Iowa. OWI second offense amended to simple misdemeanor of public intoxication.

Assault NOT Guilty - Urbandale, Polk County Iowa. Client found NOT guilty by jury of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury accident.


iowa drug laws

des moines iowa drug defense attorneys

Meth - Marijuana - Cocaine - Crack

Don't take a chance on being sentenced to prison for drug charges. Call GRL Law today for a free consultation.Drug charges, even minor ones, can have serious repercussions. A person convicted of a simple possession can serve time in jail or prison. If the prosecuting attorney can push it further to an intent or actual delivery or sale, sentences for drug charges can outlast those for violent crimes, including sex crimes.

Is that right or fair? The "righteousness" of drug laws is a matter that we all need to address with legislatures to get the laws changed. However, "fairness" is where we come into the picture.

Often times, possession charges are a matter of perspective that is greatly distorted when the drugs are uncovered during an illegal search, and an unfair confiscation. When a roommate gives police permission to search the premises, somebody needs to make that unfair and illegal point to the district attorney. As with all criminal laws, drug laws exist to punish those convicted for a crime. But if the process by which the evidence was obtained violated the laws in existence to protect your home and your privacy, that is an issue that must be argued with legal expertise. No district attorney will be willing to surrender to a weak argument or a defendant without a lawyer. He knows he has the upper hand on both situations.

60 pounds of Marijuana Supressed!

Illegal Search & Seizure!

60 pounds of marijuana seized during an illegal search could not be used as evidence!

The attorneys at Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm get results!

Conversely, we know drug laws, and we know how to make legal arguments with the district attorneys that not only set them back, but cause them to look at our past case results in consideration of whether they want to take a chance on their now obviously weak case.

Know Your Rights * Exercise Your Rights * Preserve Your Freedom

Whether you want to take your case to trial, accept a settlement offer (often called a plea bargain or agreement), or want to appeal a prior conviction, you can bet on the attorneys at Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm. We'll inform you of the rest of your rights that police don't want you to know about. We'll help you exercise your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Above all, we value your freedom just as we do our own, and we'll seek to preserve your freedom every step of the way.

Iowa Drug Laws & Penalties

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Meth usage is one area that prosecutors and politicians are targeting with longer sentences and mandatory minimums. If you plead guilty to a certain level of offense, you face a mandatory minimum prison sentence that gives the judge no discretion and lands you in prison for a very long time. See also:

There are other issues involved in drug charges. For instance, whether you've taken meth, cocaine, heroin or LSD will determine the penalties if you are convicted. You could also face a loss of driving privileges. College student convicted of drug possession face a 6 month suspension of their drivers license and loss of federal financial aid eligibility.

Iowa Drug Defense Lawyers

The criminal defense attorneys at Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm have handled numerous drug cases. If police violated your rights with an illegal search and seizure without a proper warrant, we'll find out.

GRL has defended people against every type of drug case, including drug possession and drug trafficking charges, as well as felony and misdemeanor charges. Those cases have involved every type of drug, including meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and illegal use of prescription drugs.

You can rest assured that we will work very hard on your case so that you don't have to face a judge who is sentencing you to mandatory prison terms. We know the laws. We know the consequences. We'll work for you to get you the best results.

Contact a drug defense attorney at GRL as soon as possible. Our hard work and aggressiveness will protect your rights.

From our offices in Des Moines, IA, we give high-quality representation to people throughout the State of Iowa, including Polk, Warren, Dallas, Boone, Story, and Marion counties, and the cities of Des Moines, Ames, Indianola, Adel, Boone, Nevada, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Waukee, and Knoxville.

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