Be Prepared App

Accidents are very unexpected, traumatic and catch victims by surprise. Most people do not have a plan or even a real idea of what to do if they are involved in an accident primarily because we simply do not believe it will happen to us. But when an accident does happen to you or a loved one, having a set process and procedure to follow will help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety caused by being in an accident while also ensuring that valuable evidence is preserved.

This is where GRL Law’s accident app comes in. GRL Law’s accident app is designed to simplify and streamline the information gathering process to ensure that valuable evidence is preserved; facilitate legally required exchange of information; and notify loved ones of the event.

GRL Law’s accident app is also designed to help motorists AVOID accidents. It provides them with friendly reminders of what to do prior to a trip; provides easy access to road and weather conditions; and also provides simplified access to various travel related laws and regulations that every traveler should know.


  • Travel Info: Including travel planner, road conditions, road construction, and driving laws.
  • My Insurance Card – allows user to snap a picture of their insurance card so the information is easily and readily accessible.
  • One-touch Important Numbers including: 911, My emergency contact, my roadside assistance and my insurance agent.
  • Accident response button which includes:
  • Accident Checklist – reminders of what to do immediately following accident
  • Accident Pictures – activates phone camera and stores pictures in app
  • Accident Voice Notes – activates phone voice notes recorder and saves in app
  • Notify Emergency Contact – notifies emergency contact of condition
  • Witness information – stores important witness contact information
  • Send Info to GRL Law – sends saved information directly to the experienced and passionate attorneys of GRL Law for a thorough review.

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