Oh Crap App

Shut up; Wise up; Lawyer up.  Don’t say anything; don’t do anything; talk to a qualified attorney first.

Don’t leave yourself in a “he said she said” battle with law enforcement.  Make sure your initial conversations and contact with them is recorded and preserved.  Press the large red “Oh Crap” button when confronted with law enforcement to automatically start the audio recording function. The recording is programmed to run for 15 minutes, stop automatically and upload to the Oh Crap App storage servers. This recording may then be accessed and saved to your case file by you and your attorney if necessary. WARNING: Every time this button is activated, recording and uploading will begin, this may incur data charges from your wireless provided that YOU will be solely responsible for.

If arrested, the app also provides the user with a convenient “contact an attorney” function which immediately the user with the contact information for the on-call attorney in their area (GPS must be activated on the phone to receive local attorney info), sends an email to the on-call attorney and also notifies the users “emergency contact” and bondsman of the arrest. ONLY use this function in the case of a true emergency, i.e., you are being stopped by the police and/or arrested.  Make sure to fill out the “Your Info” tab with all of your information so that the app will be ready to use when needed.  If “Your Info” is not completed, the attorney and emergency contact will not receive your contact information.

This app also has additional features under the “Educate Me” section. “Educate Me” includes a “Know Your Rights” section which educates the user of their constitutional and statutory rights when being investigated by law enforcement; an informational B.A.C. calculator and the Top 5 Ways to Avoid a DUI.

“Notify a Bail Bondsman.” This function allows you to call a bondsman or send him a quick emergency message to assist with being bonded out of jail after being arrested. A Bondsman will be notified discretely with the information you have included in the “Your Info” screen. (Some states do not allow bondsman, this feature will disabled based on your GPS location)

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