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Grant Gangestad grew up in Clarion, Iowa, where he graduated from Clarion-Goldfield High School as the Salutatorian of his class in 2003.  He then attended the University of Northern Iowa and obtained a bachelor of arts in Political Science and a minor in Politics and Law in 2007.  After receiving his undergraduate degree, Mr. Gangestad attended Drake University Law School, receiving his Juris Doctorate and graduating with honors in 2012.  While at Drake Law, Mr. Gangestad successfully completed the Neal & Bea Smith Law Center’s Clinic in Criminal Defense and Advanced Clinic in Criminal Defense.  Mr. Gangestad was also student dean of Delta Theta Phi law fraternity.  Throughout his law school career, Mr. Gangestad clerked for Gourley, Rehkemper, & Lindholm PLC.

Mr. Gangestad has seen success early in his career.  He was named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list for 2015, an honor reserved for no more than 2.5% of Iowa lawyers.  He has notched several trial wins and has also found success arguing in front of Iowa's appellate courts.  
Whether it be a family law issue, criminal charges, or a personal injury matter, Mr. Gangestad is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation for his clients.  Mr. Gangestad thoroughly researches and examines every client’s case, making sure that no stone goes unturned in securing the best possible resolution for his clients.  Mr. Gangestad embraces the attitude of aggressive representation and zealous advocacy that is shared by all the attorneys at Gourley, Rehkemper, & Lindholm PLC, and prides himself on getting results for his clients.

NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Grant C Gangestad

Memberships & Activities

Professional Associations  

  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars List, Great Plains Region, 2015
  • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 
  • Iowa Association for Justice 
  • Iowa State Bar Association 
  • Polk County Bar Association 
  • Delta Theta Phi International Law Fraternity

Education & Background


  • Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa, 2012, J. D.
    • With Honors
      • Neal & Bea Smith Law Center, Drake Law School, Clinic in Criminal Defense
      • Advanced Clinic in Criminal Defense 
  • University of Northern Iowa, 2007
    • B. A., Political Science 
    • Minor, Politics and Law

Bar Admissions:

  •  Iowa, 2012

Representative Cases

This is a small representation of Attorney Grant Gangestad's recent case results:

Recent Case Results

OWI 1st dismissed after motion to suppress:   Adams County, Iowa. OWI 1st offense dismissed by prosecutor after motion to suppress filed on behalf of client. Driver's license revocation avoided.

Operating While Intoxicated Charge Amended to Reckless Driving:   Keokuk County, Iowa. OWI amended to Reckless Driving after successful pretrial motion litigated. Jail time avoided and fine significantly reduced.

OWI dismissed for lack of compliance with Speedy Indictment Rule:   OWI dismissed for lack of compliance with Speedy Indictment Rule

Boating While Intoxicated Charge Amended to Traffic Ticket:   Boating While Intoxicated Charge Amended to Traffic Ticket after successful motion to suppress

Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia Dismissed:   Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia Dismissed

Boating While Intoxicated Breath Test Refusal Suppressed:   Boating While Intoxicated Breath Test Refusal Suppressed

OWI 2nd amended to OWI 1st after successful suppression motion:   OWI 2nd amended to OWI 1st after successful suppression motion

Interference with Official Acts and Public Intoxication charges dismissed:   Interference with Official Acts and Public Intoxication charges dismissed

Operating While Intoxicated Test Refusal Suppressed:   Operating While Intoxicated Test Refusal Suppressed

False ID ticket amended to simple misdemeanor citation:   False ID ticket amended to simple misdemeanor citation

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance Amended to Misdemeanor:   Felony Possession of Controlled Substance Amended to Misdemeanor

Multiple Traffic Tickets Amended; Driver's License Revocation Avoided:   Dallas County- Client's driver's license spared after charges amended

Iowa Court of Appeals Rules Stop of Client's Vehicle Unconstitutional- Charges to be Dismissed:   OWI 2nd offense charge dismissed after successful appeal to the Iowa Court of Appeals

Driving While Revoked amended to Simple Misdemeanor- driving privileges spared:   Driving privileges spared after successful amendment of charges

Stop of Client's Vehicle Ruled Unconstitutional- All Charges Dismissed:   Clay County OWI dismissed after unconstitutional stop of client's vehicle

OWI 3rd offense Dismissed; client pled guilty to simple traffic citation:   OWI 3rd offense after successful motion to dismiss based upon the prosecution's failure to file an indictment within 45 days of client's arrest.

Aggravated Misdemeanor amended to simple misdemeanor citation:   Charge of possession of marijuana second offense and public intoxication amended to possession of paraphernalia. Client's driving privileges spared.

Felony possession DISMISSED:   Possession of marijuana with intent to deliver dismissed

Possession of marijuana dismissed:   Possession of marijuana dismissed...

Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver and Failure to Possess a Tax Stamp Dismissed:   Felony drug charges dismissed after...

Unlawful Passing of a School Bus Not Guilty Verdict:   Client's driver's license saved.

OWI 1st Offense Dismissed after Successful Motion to Suppress Evidence:   All evidence of the stop excluded; client's driving privileges spared.

Chemical Breath Test Result Suppressed on OWI 1st offense:   Client's breath test result suppressed after motion to suppress.

Possession of marijuana dismissed:   Possession of marijuana dismissed after depositions of the arresting officers.

Possession of controlled substance dismissed:   Drug charge dismissed after traffic stop of client's vehicle expanded into unconstitutional drug investigation.

Sexual Abuse Allegations Unfounded:   Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree dismissed after witness deposed.


OWI Second Offense Mahaska County - found unconstitutional under 4th Amendment:   OWI Dismissed after successful appeal to the Iowa Court of Appeals

"Hire Grants Gang Instead...":   OWI 1st dismissed after successful suppression hearing

THE attorney/firm to utilize:   Recommendation from Client's mother

Excellent Work and Great Attorney!! Grant Gangestad:   Client recommendation

Excellent work, I would definitely recommend him to other people.:   Grant, did an excellent job in my case. I found myself in the unfortunate...

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