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Mr. Rehkemper was selected to the Super Lawyers list for the sixth straight year in 2018, and has repeatedly been named Avvo’s Client Choice and Top Attorney for DUI defense with a Superb rating of 10.0 out of a possible 10.0. Mr. Rehkemper is the State of Iowa Delegate for the National College of DUI Defense, a founding member of DUI Defense Lawyers Association, and is also a Board Member for the Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Criminal Defense Core Group for the Iowa Association for Justice. A frequent speaker at attorney education seminars, Mr. Rehkemper has distinguished himself as a premier defense attorney in the State of Iowa for drunk driving and vehicular homicide charges. Mr. Rehkemper’s aggressive and thorough investigation of each case, coupled with his meticulous preparation for hearings, arguments and trials, has resulted in an impressive list of representative cases that speaks for itself.
While known state-wide for his defense of drunk driving and related offenses, Mr. Rehkemper does not limit his practice to one particular area of criminal defense. He applies the pre-trial and trial skills he has developed in defense of DUI/OWI charges to aggressively defending all criminal charges in both State and Federal Courts. Mr. Rehkemper has experienced tremendous success in the area of illegal search and seizures in narcotics investigations.
NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Robert G. Rehkemper

Memberships & Activities

Professional Associations 

  • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Board member, 2005 - Present
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association
    • Founding Member
  • National College of DUI Defense, Inc. 
    • General Member, 2003 - Present
    • State Delegate, 2006 - Present 
  • Iowa Association for Justice 
    • Criminal Law Section, 2002 - Present
  • American Association for Justice
    • Regular Member, 2004 - Present 
  • United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, CJA Panel Attorney 
    • 2006 - Present

Education & Background


  • Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa, 2002, J. D.
    • Honors: High Honors
  • Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1999, B. A.
    • Honors: Cum Laude 
    • Major:  History and Psychology 
  • NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Course, Chicago, IL, April, 2005, NHTSA Certified
  • BAC DataMaster and Basic Scient of Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing, Mansfield, OH, February, 2007, Certificate of Competency
  • National College for DUI Defense, Summer Session, Boston, MA, July, 2006
  • National College for DUI Defense, Summer Session, Boston, MA, July, 2007
  • National College for DUI Defense, Winter Session, Atlantis, Bahamas, January 2009
  • National College for DUI Defense, Summer Session, Boston, MA, July 2009
  • Mastering Scientific Evidence, New Orleans, LA, April 2010
  • National College for DUI Defense, Winter Session, Scottsdale, AZ, January 2013
  • NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Course, West Des Moines, Iowa, May, 2013, NHTSA RE-Certified
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association, Winter Session, Santa Clara, CA, February 2015
  • National College for DUI Defense, Summer Session, Boston, MA, July 2016
  • Trial Lawyers College, Defense of the Damned, Dubois, WY, June 2017

Bar Admissions:

  • Supreme Court of Iowa, 2002
  • U.S. District Court Northern District of Iowa, 2002
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of Iowa, 2002
  • U.S. Court of Appeals 8th Circuit, 2005
  • United States Supreme Court, 2009


  • Iowa Driver’s Rights Card, © Copyright 2006, Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm, PLC
  • Iowa DUI Laws, National College of DUI Defense, Inc., website:

Classes/Seminars Taught:

  • OWI (DUI) Case law Update
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2003
  • OWI (DUI) Case law Update and Substantive Presentation, Drug Recognition Protocol
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2004
  • OWI (DUI) Case law Update and Substantive Presentation - Field Sobriety Tests
    • The Voodoo that they do
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2005
  • OWI (DUI) Case law Update and Practical Practice Pointers
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2006
  • OWI (DUI) Case law Update, Iowa Judicial Conference, June 21, 2007
  • Discovery in Criminal Cases
    • Iowa Association of Legal Assistants, September 2007
  • OWI (DUI) Caselaw Update and Substantive Presentation
    • Field sobriety evidence - establishing sobriety through cross examination
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2007 
  • OWI (DUI) Caselaw Update and Substantive Presentation
    • Effective Assistance of Counsel at 2 A.M.
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2008
    • What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About OWI 
    • Iowa Bar Association, Nuts & Bolts Seminar, October 2009 
  • OWI(DUI) Caselaw Update and Substantive Presentation 
    • Preliminary Breath Test aka Proven BS Test. 
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2009 
  • Putting the Tools We Have To Use Iowa Association for Justice
    • 24th Annual Criminal Law Seminar, 2010 
  • OWI Litigation and Field Sobriety Testing Iowa Bar Association 
    • Criminal Law Seminar, 2010 
  • The New DataMaster DMT – A breath of fresh air? 
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2010
  • Operating While Intoxicated Cases – What Every Lawyer Should Know
    • Iowa Bar Association, 2010
  •  OWI Update and Driving While Drugged
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2011
  • OWI’s at Trial – Try It, You Might Just Like It.
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2012
  • The Missing Link - Causation in Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury by Vehicle Cases
    • Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2013
  • Defending the Traffic Stop
    • Iowa Bar Association, 2014
  • When the Reefer Meets the Road
    • Iowa Bar Association, 2015
  • Trial of OWI Refusal Cases
    • Iowa Public Defenders Association, 2016
  • Search and Seizure in the Digital Age
    • Iowa Bar Association, 2016

Representative Cases

This is a small representation of Attorney Robert Rehkemper's recent case results:

Recent Case Results

New Attorney New Result:   A second opinion turns an OWI into reckless driving.

Linn County Jury Says Our Two Favorite Words:   GRL Law's client was pulled over for an expired registration and the night went downhill from there. At trial, it was revealed that this was the very first OWI investigation that the arresting officer had conducted

Court Throws Out Felony OWI Charge When Officer Stops Driver For Suspected Texting and Driving:   An Urbandale Police Officer stopped a motorist because he claimed to have observed the driver looking down at his lap at what the officer believed was a phone.

Nursing Career Saved:   GRL Law's understandably emotional client repeatedly requested to place calls after she was arrested to check on the status of her dog, which the arresting officers left locked in her vehicle, parked on the shoulder of the highway.

Ankeny Police Department Illegally Stops Vehicle:   Report of a speeding "dark colored sedan" resulted in an Ankeny Police Officer stopping a "dark colored sedan" in a nearby residential neighborhood 3-5 minutes later.

Misinformation From Officer Saves License and Avoids OWI:   OWI charge amended to simple misdemeanor of reckless driving after GRL Law discovered that the arresting officer gave incorrect information to GRL Law's client prior to submitting to the breath test.

Failure to Advise of Rights Results in Breath Test Refusal Being Thrown Out:   A Dallas County Judge ruled that when GRL Law's client asked for privacy during a phone call with GRL Law, the officer was required to...

Operating While Intoxicated Conviction Reversed Due to Troopers Self-Contradicting Sworn Testimony:   Iowa Court of Appeals reverses operating while intoxicated conviction citing investigating Trooper's self-contradicting testimony and the illegal search of the defendant's garage

Vehicular Homicide Amended to Misdemeanor:   Client was facing a mandatory minimum 25 years in prison as a result of being accused of Vehicular Homicide by Operating While Intoxicated.

Felony OWI Charge Dismissed Outright Prior to Trial:   GRL Law's client was facing an accusation of operating while intoxicated, third offense. However, when stopped by law enforcement, he exercised his rights, politely declined to perform field sobriety tests and requested to contact his lawyer.

Child Endangerment Dismissed, Possession Amended to Paraphernalia:   Child Endangerment allegations dismissed and possession of marijuana charge amended down to simple misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia with minimum fine.

Vehicular Homicide Allegations Dismissed:   Vehicular Homicide charge dismissed following the completion of exhaustive discovery that ultimately proved that GRL Law's client was not responsible for the accident that resulted in the death of his passenger.

No Refusal of PBT and No Arrest Means No Refusal at the Station:   Police officer did not obtain a clear refusal of the preliminary breath test and did not place client under arrest for operating while intoxicated prior to requiring a decision regarding breath testing at the law enforcement center.

Felony OWI Dropped to Simple Misdemeanor and License Reinstated:   Felony charge of OWI 3rd Offense was reduced to a Simple Misdemeanor, Reckless Driving Offense after the sworn statements obtained from the investigating officers revealed considerable weaknesses of the prosecution's case.

Persistent, Relentless Defense Results in Outright Dismissal of Fraud Accusations:   Months of persistent, relentless, discovery and information gathering finally paid off when the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the accusations.

Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Against Waukee Community School District and Staff:   The lawsuit alleged that the school district was negligent and violated the students constitutional rights in three separate ways.

Refusal Suppressed - License Saved - OWI Charge Dismissed:   What started as a stop for not having an operational license plate light transformed into a full-blown criminal investigation and operating while intoxicated charge.

Medical Student's Career No Longer In Limbo:   Operating while intoxicated charges will be dismissed and driving privileges will be reinstated after judge rules...

Innocent of Rape and Abuse Allegations:   GRL Law's client NOT GUILTY of three counts of sexual abuse in the third degree and three counts of domestic abuse assault.

Drug Trafficking Reduced to Simple Misdemeanor:   Felony drug trafficking charges arising from a traffic stop for speed dismissed the day before hearing seeking to exclude all evidence obtained as a result of the search.

Commercial Driving Privileges Saved, OWI Dismissed:   After reviewing GRL Law's motion to suppress evidence challenging a Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer's constitutional authority to randomly stop and inspect commercial vehicles, the prosecutor agreed to suppress GRL Law client's urine test refusal and dismiss the operating while intoxicated charge.

Police Illegally Enter House - OWI Charge Amended and License Saved:   Law enforcement enters residence without consent and without a search warrant to investigate a hit-and-run.

Personal Consultation Request Denied by Jail - License Saved and OWI Conviction Avoided:   Request to meet in person with parents, prior to making a decision to submit to or refuse the breath test at the police station, denied by jail facility.

No Basis to Continue Investigation Means All Charges to be Dismissed:   Operating While Intoxicated, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charges will have to be dismissed after judge ruled that the stopping Deputy did not have a legal basis to continue investigating GRL Law's client.

Request to re-take Test Saves License:   A request to re-take the breath test administered at the Polk County Jail saves GRL Law's client's driving privileges and avoids an operating while intoxicated conviction.

Not Guilty of Operating a Golf Cart While Intoxicated:   Yes, you read that right! Cerro Gordo County prosecuted GRL Law's client alleging he operated a golf cart while intoxicated.

Law Enforcement Secretly Records Conversation with Lawyer - Case Dismissed:   The attorney-client privilege is one of the most sacred and protected privileges in the legal system. Following his arrest for operating while intoxicated, client called GRL Law for emergency assistance.

Jury Returns NOT Guilty Verdict on Willful Injury Assault Allegations:   The law permits a person to stand their ground and defend themselves so long as the force used is reasonable.

Story County Attorney's Office Ignores Exculpatory Evidence - Judge Throws Out Case After Prosecution Rests:   Prosecutors ignore exculpatory evidence and proceed to trial anyway. Judge rules operating while intoxicated case too weak to even get to the jury.

Felony Assault Amended to Disorderly Conduct:   Intoxication and inconsistent stories of complaining witness results in felony assault charge being amended to disorderly conduct.

Forgetful Officer Creates Memorable Result:   Officer was shown to have made two separate mistakes during the investigation. This resulted in OWI being amended to a Simple Misdemeanor, Reckless Driving, after motion to suppress evidence was granted.

Public Intox Down From OWI 1st and Excessive Speed:   OWI 1st Offense and serious driving infraction of speed in excess of 25 mph over the posted speed limit amended down to Public Intoxication.

OWI First Down to Reckless Driving:   OWI conviction avoided.

Bad Blood Work Results in OWI Reduced to Reckless Driving:   OWI 1st Offense with accident reduced to Reckless Driving after months of discovery into the collection and testing of GRL Law client's blood sample.

Complete Dismissal:   GRL Law secured a complete dismissal of operating while intoxicated charge on a breath test refusal case.

Failure to Offer Phone Call Results = No OWI Charge:   Officer's failure to offer phone calls upon arrival at the Sheriff's Office results in OWI charge being amended to Reckless Driving and accompanying Carrying a Concealed Weapons charges amended down to a simple misdemeanor.

Insufficient Suspicion of OWI Results in Exclusion of Test Refusal:   Driving privileges reinstated and operating while intoxicated charge avoided.

Mahaska County OWI Reduced:   Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. Operating While Intoxicated reduced to simple misdemeanor public intoxication.

OWI First Offense to be Dismissed After Illegal Traffic Stop:   Judge rules that the stop of the vehicle was illegal. Driving privileges will be reinstated and all charges against GRL Law's client will have to be dismissed.

Request to Re-Take the Test Refused, License Suspension and OWI Conviction Avoided:   Requesting to re-take a test may trigger the officer's obligation to advise you of your right to independent testing. This case is a classic example of the old phrase "it never hurts to ask."

What Started With .158 Breath Test Ends in Not Guilty:   What started with a stop for swerving and crossing the center line, followed by a breath test result of .158, ends in a Not Guilty verdict.

Request for Lawyer Ignored - Test Refusal Excluded:   Grinnell police officers ignore request to contact a lawyer. Test refusal excluded from trial, driving privileges spared and OWI conviction avoided.

Iowa Supreme Court Reverses Conviction Related to Application for Permit to Acquire Handgun:   GRL Law helps clarify the law in Iowa regarding what information a County Sheriff's Department may require from and Applicant for Permit to Acquire a Handgun.

Blood Test Excluded, Charges Dismissed:   GRL Law takes over blood test case and discovers problems with test that result in it being excluded from trial. Charges dismissed and license saved.

Class A CDL Saved - Charge Amended:   DOT Officer informing client that there were greater penalties for refusing than taking and failing a breath test result in test result being excluded and charge amended down to a Public Intoxication.

Prosecution Concedes Bad Stop:   Squad car recording and sworn testimony leave no other conclusion but that the officer did not have a legal basis to stop client's vehicle.

Felony Charges Dismissed - Minimum Jail Time on OWI:   Ten months and a two-day suppression hearing later and the prosecution finally came to their senses and agreed to dismiss the felony accusations.

Video Disproves Officer's Claims:   The judge concluded that the stop and detention of GRL Law's client after the stop were illegal and violated his constitutional rights. All evidence obtained as a result of the stop was thrown out of court.

One Sentence Makes All the Difference:   There is a reason that GRL Law attorneys watch every second of every video associated with their client's arrest for Operating While Intoxicated.

Job Saved, License Saved, Charge Amended:   Client's commercial driving privileges and job saved after breath test result was thrown out and Operating While Intoxicated charge amended down to a Simple Misdemeanor of Reckless Driving.

Changing Lanes Without Blinker Not Grounds to Stop Vehicle:   later. Vehicle stop was declared illegal and all evidence obtained as a result was suppressed. Operating While Intoxicated charge will be dismissed and driving privileges reinstated.

Crossing Center Line Not Enough For Stop to be Legal:   All evidence obtained as a result of the illegal stop was thrown out of court. Charge will have to be dismissed and clients driving privileges are reinstated.

License Saved and OWI Avoided Thanks to Inaccurate Information From Officer:   This is why we watch the ENTIRE video. Attention to detail gets better results.

Request for Lawyers Help Ends Up Saving License:   Request for lawyer's help results in OWI conviction being avoided and driving privileges spared.

Bad Information From Officer = Good Result for GRL Law Client:   Bad information by officer results in license being spared, carrying a concealed weapon charge dismissed, and operating while intoxicated charge amended to simple misdemeanor.

Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed Outright:   Three counts of Third Degree Sexual Assault dismissed with costs assessed against the State of Iowa.

O.W.I. Dismissed Outright:   False testimony by police officer results in outright dismissal of drunk driving charge.

License Saved OWI Avoided:   OWI First Offense amended to public intoxication after prosecution agrees that urine test result should be excluded because officer violated client's right to confidential consultation.

Second Offense and License Supension Avoided:   Polk County, Iowa OWI 2nd Offense and license suspension avoided due to police officer's mistake.

Mistake By Officer Saves Clients License and Avoids OWI:   Attention to detail in video recording of breath testing procedures makes all of the difference.

Felony OWI Dismissed!:   Felony operating while intoxicated offense dismissed and suspension of driving privileges avoided.

Right to Independent Test Violated - State's Test Thrown Out:   Request for additional alternative test ignored by arresting officer results in suppression of State's breath test. OWI charge dismissed.

Personal Consultation Denied by Officer Results in Spared License and Minimal Fine:   Client denied personal consultation with mother before making decision regarding the breath test at the station resulted in breath test result being excluded and the Operating While Intoxicated charge being amended to Reckless Driving.

Commercial Drivers License Saved:   Attention to detail saves client's commercial and regular driving privileges and avoids Operating While Intoxicated charge.

Request for Private Phone Call with Lawyer Denied, Test Result Excluded:   Late night call to GRL Law lawyer results in police officer violating client's right.

Phone Call Cut Off = Refusal Excluded and License Spared:   A police officer's impatience results in a favorable resolution for GRL Law client.

OWI 2nd Avoided and License Saved in Jasper County:   Jasper County driving privileges spared and OWI 2nd Offense avoided.

Jury says "NOT GUILTY" of Forcible Rape Accusations:   Client was facing a mandatory 10 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registry registration requirement. Jury says "Not Guilty."

Everything Dismissed - Illegal Traffic Stop:   All charges dismissed after judge rules the stop of client's vehicle was illegal.

OWI 1st Offense Amended to Public Intoxication and Driver's Licenses Saved:   Operating While Intoxicated, First Offense, amended to simple misdemeanor of Public Intoxication with minimum fine. Driver's license also saved.

Child Endangerment and Operating While Intoxicated Charges Dismissed:   Child endangerment charges dismissed and operating while intoxicated charge amended to simple misdemeanor. Client's driving privileges saved.

Another License Saved and OWI Charge Avoided:   Yet another driver's license spared and OWI conviction avoided for a client of GRL Law.

Chew in Mouth Results in Breath Test Being Excluded:   The arresting officer honestly admitted at the DOT license suspension hearing that he failed to check clients mouth or ask him if he had anything in his mouth prior to submitting to the breath test at the station.

Commercial Drivers License Saved:   Livelihood saved when breath test is excluded and charged amended to simple misdemeanor.

Jury Finds Client NOT GUILTY Despite Breath Test of .182:   A Poweshiek County Jury returns a NOT GUILTY verdict for client charged with Operating While Intoxicated, Second Offense who initially provided a breath sample indicating an alcohol concentration of .182

Felony Drunk Driving Offense Beat:   Class D Felony drunk driving charge amended down to simple misdemeanor after court concludes the arresting State Trooper violated clients rights.

Operating While Intoxicated Amended to Public Intoxication:   Operating While Intoxicated, 1st Offense, charge amended to simple misdemeanor, Public Intoxication, the morning of Jury Trial.

Drivers License Saved, OWI Avoided:   Clients drivers license saved and Operating While Intoxicated conviction avoided.

All Charges, Including Vehicular Homicide and Leaving the Scene of Fatality Accident, dismissed in Burlington Motel fatality.:   All charges finally dismissed against GRL Law client initially accused of Vehicular Homicide and Leaving the Scene of a Death Accident.

Robbery 1st Amended to Misdemeanors:   Robbery in the 1st Degree, a Class B forcible felony, amended to misdemeanor violations with probation.

OWI 3rd down to Simple Misdemeanor - License Saved:   Felony Operating While Intoxicated, Third Offense amended down to public intoxication after it was discovered the law enforcement illegally entered client's house to investigate accident.

OWI Charge Dismissed Outright:   Operating While Intoxicated charge dismissed outright for insufficient evidence.

OWI Dismissed License Saved:   Judge finds client's rights violated, suppresses breath test result. Operating While Intoxicated charge dismissed and driving privileges saved.

Vehicular Homicide Charge Dismissed:   Des Moines County Attorney voluntarily dismisses Vehicular Homicide Charge in fatal accident with a young child in a motel parking lot.

Iowa Supreme Court - Officers Must Quit Playing Word Games:   The Iowa Supreme Court agrees with GRL Law that police officers may not play word games when it comes to an arrested persons statutory right to counsel under Iowa Code section 804.20. When a request is made, the arrested officer must fully and fairly advise the person of their rights under the law.

Judge Orders Money Taken During Stop Returned:   Pottawattamie County Judge orders County to return $18,751 in cash, seized during a traffic stop, returned to its owner.

Felony Drunk Driving Amended to Simple Misdemeanor:   Felony Operating While Intoxicated, Third Offense charge, amended to simple misdemeanor public intoxication.

Federal Drug and Weapon Charges Dismissed:   Federal Possession of Narcotics and Weapons charges dismissed following successful motion to suppress evidence challenging legality of law enforcement's search of defendant's property.

Out of State Driving Privileges Saved:   No Operating While Intoxicated conviction means out of state driving privileges were spared.

Operating While Intoxicated Amended to Traffic Violation:   Drunk driving charge amended down to simple traffic violation.

Another Jury Says "NOT Guilty":   Yet another jury says "NOT Guilty" of Operating While Intoxicated charges.

Jury Finds Client - NOT GUILTY:   Polk County Jury finds GRL Law client NOT GUILTY on all charges of Sexual Abuse.

NOT GUILTY - OWI 1st Offense:   Jury finds client NOT GUILTY of OWI First Offense

OWI 1st Amended to Public Intoxication:   Operating While Intoxicated charge amended to Simple Misdemeanor, Public Intoxication

OWI Avoided - License Spared:   Drunk Driving charge amended to public intoxication and drivers license revocation avoided.

Drivers License Spared:   Operating While Intoxicated charge reduced and driver's license spared.

Illegal Search Excludes Critical Evidence:   Illegal search of residence results in a federal judge excluding firearms in federal prosecution for illegal possession of firearms charge.

NOT GUILTY of Vehicular Homicide:   Defendant was charged with a Class B Felony, Homicide by Vehicle - Operating While Intoxicated...

NOT GUILTY - Serious Injury by Vehicle:   Defendant was charged with a Class D Felony, Serious Injury by Vehicle - Operating While Intoxicated.

NOT GUILTY - Vehicular Homicide:   Defendant was charged with a Class B Felony, Homicide by Vehicle - Operating While Intoxicated...

Vehicular Homicide - DISMISSED:   Defendant was charged with a Class B Felony, Boating While Intoxicated Resulting...

State v. Kurth:   The Iowa Supreme Court concluded that the "community caretaking" exception...

State v. Massengale:   The Iowa Supreme Court found that the implied consent advisory read...

State v. Washington:   Defendant challenged the trial court's attempt to interrogate him regarding other uncharged...

Felony Reduced to Simple Misdemeanor:   Felony Assault amended to simple misdemeanor

Jury finds GRL Law client NOT GUILTY of Serious Injury by Vehicle:   Jury finds GRL Law client NOT GUILTY of Serious Injury by Vehicle...

Iowa Supreme Court Concludes that GRL Law Client Was Improperly Punished:   Iowa Supreme Court concludes that GRL Law client was improperly punished more...

Client was Charged with an OWI First Offense and Possession:   Client was charged with an OWI first offense and possession of marijuana...

Jury Finds Commercial Truck Driver NOT Guilty:   Jury finds commercial truck driver...

Criminal Conduct and Fraudulent Practice Charges:   Criminal Conduct and Fraudulent Practice charges dismissed...

60 Pounds of Pot Suppressed:   Illegal search and seizure results in 60 pounds of marijuana being held inadmissible at trial.


OWI Case - The GRL Law Team Took Care of Everything:   Bob and his staff took care of everything, answered every question, and provided me with great advice throughout the process

DUI PRACTITIONER! A WINNER!:   I don't have enough space to explain everything Bobby had got done for me. I was charged with 2 DUI's a few weeks apart in rural Iowa.

The Highest Standard:   The professionalism and ethics of this firm is worthy of emulation and is absolutely of the highest standard.

We Lost Because I did it. Here's why he gets 5 starts:   He fought ever step of the way.

OWI Case 3rd Offense:   Patiently he led me through the process and I always felt secure knowing he was handling the case. In the end, the prosecuting attorney didn't want to face him in court.

Lucky to Have on Our Team:   Professional and above all, friendly.

Exceptional Job!:   hey are true to their word that they are there to fight for the little guy to make sure justice prevails. Don't even hesitate to call this firm if your in a bind.

Great Experience:   First thing first is you GET what you pay for. And in my situation it was money well spent for the circumstances I was in.

Outstanding Attorney From Start to Finish:   Bob is Beyond knowledgeable, personable, but is exactly the type of “bulldog” representation needed to navigate and be successful in the outcome of your criminal matter.

Absolutely Outstanding:   Couldn't possibly say enough about my experience with Bobby Rehkemper. He exhibits a near perfect balance of sincere friendliness and professionalism. I never once doubted that he was taking a genuine interest in my well-being

Incredible Lawyer:   I highly recommend him to anyone who gets an OWI.

Highest Recommendation:   Bobby kicked *ss legally and got 3 charges dropped and 2 deferred and he did it representing me from across the state of Iowa.

Amazing Lawyer:   Cleared my OWI and Possession charges with ease.

Excellence At Its Best!:   Robert has successfully defended me twice, with the results being all significant charges dropped.

Challenging OWI Charge:   If I had gone with the first attorney I had consulted, his non-aggressive approach would not have produced the same results. Bobby's goal was to fight and win and he did just that.

Best Attorney Ever:   Could not have done it without his knowledge and expertiese.

Gets the job done!:   Hired Bob to defend me and he did just that from day one.

Helpful and Caring:   I found myself in a really scary situation and Bobby and his office staff walked me through my legal issues, keeping me informed at every step.

Amazing to work with!:   If you want someone who will actually fight for you in every aspect this is your guy, and I will definitely be referring him to anyone I know.

The GO TO Law Firm:   Straight shooter that doesn't make promises that he cannot fulfill. The staff is friendly and thorough.

Persistence Resulted in Not Guilty:   Persistent representation resulted in Not Guilty and grateful client.

WORTH EVERY DIME!!!!:   I am so glad I did my homework, called all my resources, and trusted Mr. Rehkemper.

Best Lawyer I Could Have Asked For Hands Down!:   They told me step by step what needed to be done and made my part of the case easy and much less stressful. I have never been in trouble with the law and was unfamiliar with the laws and legal lingo, but Bob and his team made everything simple and took over for most of my needs with the case requirements.

Thanks Bobby:   OWI dropped, never once lost license.

Robert Continued to Fight For Me:   Robert recently represented me for an OWI case, and I must say that I am so grateful that he did. Although my case dragged on for almost a year, Robert continued to fight for me and never gave up.

Great Attorney and Firm for OWI!:   The judge ruled against us, but he then appealed the issue to the Iowa Supreme Court and won the appeal!

Highly Recommended:   Worth every penny!

Highly recommended by other lawyers:   I would highly recommend him to others who are seeking a legal advice or a reliable criminal lawyer

I Don't Think Anyone Could Have Done a Better Job:   I don't think anyone could have done a better job than Robert. I feel pretty fortunate for having him represent me.

Outstanding! Highly recommended!!:   5 Star Review. "I personally wouldn't have anyone else represent me."

Five Star Review:   Bobby got me out of a lot of trouble.

Job Well Done:   I hired Bobby in March of 2013 for his assistance in criminal defense...

Gave Me My Life Back:   I hired Mr. Rehkemper in March of 2013 to defend me in a Criminal Defense case...

Beyond Outstanding:   Bob was beyond outstanding. From Day 1, Bob was up front, honest, insightful, and very personable...

A great lawyer I would definitely recommend!:   After meeting with Bob and reviewing our case I felt very confident that we were in good hands...

Simply the BEST:   Words can not begin to explain my confidence in and gratitude for Mr. Rehkemper...

Without question the best attorney I have ever come in contact with!:   I was referred to Mr. Rehkemper from another attorney...

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Texting and Driving in Iowa - What Every Motorist Needs to Know - Part III, The Consequences:   What are the consequences for texting and driving in Iowa?

Texting and Driving in Iowa - What Every Motorist Needs to Know - Part II - Prove It:   A lot of what law enforcement may use against an individual in a texting while driving case is what a driver unwittingly, "voluntarily" gives them.

Texting and Driving in Iowa - What Every Motorist Needs to Know - Part I, What is Prohibited:   Just what exactly am I prohibited from doing on my cell phone while driving? Can I place a phone call? Can I use my navigation app? Can I do a Google search? Can I tweet, update my Facebook status or Snapchat? Can I take a picture or video? Can I buy that new book I just heard about from Amazon?

What Happens to an Iowa Driver's License if a Driver is Arrested for Drunk Driving in Another State?:   Here are the top five things an Iowa licensed driver should know if they are arrested for drunk driving in another state.

How to get your records expunged?:   There are a couple of different ways a person in Iowa can have their record expunged. The first is if they are acquitted or charges are dismissed outright. The second is if they successfully complete a deferred judgment. The third is if they are convicted of a crime such as public intoxication or minor in possession of alcohol.

How long will my license be suspended?:   When an individual is asked to submit to chemical testing in an operating while intoxicated investigation, their refusal or test results will dictate whether a license suspension proceeding is instituted by the department of transportation.

What does driving under the influence mean?:   In Iowa, we're an operation state which means it's illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

What is the minimum sentence for Vehicular Homicide?:   Vehicular homicide by way of operating while intoxicated is the single most severe alcohol-related offense a person can be charged with in the state of Iowa.

Isn't That Entrapment?:   "The Sheriff sat in the parking lot and waiting for the drunk guy to get in and start his vehicle before he stopped him. Isn't that entrapment?"

Do I need a Lawyer for a DUI:   Absolutely, 100 percent this is a criminal charge with mandatory jail time, mandatory fines, mandatory license suspensions that stay on your record forever, you need a lawyer.

Is DUI a Criminal Charge?:   In Iowa it's called Operating while Intoxicated, or OWI. Most people refer to them as DUI. But we have the most severe mandatory minimum penalties that go along with a DUI that are higher and more severe than any other misdemeanor offense a person can be charged with in the state of Iowa.

Why GRL Law for Operating While Intoxicated Defense?:   It is a question every potential client should ask every lawyer and law firm they are considering for representation. Why should I put my case, my future, in your hands?

Do I Really Need a Lawyer For a DUI?:   Do you want to go to jail? Do you want to have a criminal record for the rest of your life? Do you want to lose your driving privileges? Do you want to lose your job? Do you want to pay the highest mandatory minimum fine in Iowa? Do you want to pay more money for insurance? Do you want to lose your firearm rights for a year? Do you want to deal with a prosecutor and face a judge by yourself? Do you want to be prohibited from going to Canada?

Law Enforcement Bill of Rights - Special privileges or necessary protection?:   It may surprise you but Law enforcement and emergency personnel have special rights when being investigated for misconduct on the job.

GRL Law North - Now Open!:   GRL Law North now open in Mason City to better serve all of Iowa.

A Case for Truck Drivers and the Fourth Amendment:   Random, suspicionless, patrol stops of commercial truck drivers in Iowa, for purposes of conducting inspections may violate the truck driver's constitutional rights.

A Parent's Guide to a "Sexting" Investigation:   As a parent, you owe it to yourself and your child to have THE TALK now before it is too late.

Recording Cops - Different Angles on the Public's Right to Document Police Interactions:   It is not just your right, it is your duty as an American.

Employee of the Decade:   Behind every good lawyer there is a fabulous assistant. Behind every successful law firm there is a magician disguised as an office manager. That makes Melissa of GRL Law a super human magician and now officially, the Employee of the Decade!

A Citizen's Guide to Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement:   A citizen interaction with law enforcement can be an intimidating and scary situation. Recent events have highlighted the tragic consequences that can flow from some of these interactions from both law enforcement and citizen's respective perspectives. The following is a citizen's guide to surviving an encounter with law enforcement.

So You Think You Know Your Rights:   So you think you know your rights? We challenge you to a little quiz.

Cyclist's Rights and Motorist's Responsibilities:   So what really are the rules that apply to bicycles on roadways? What are a cyclists rights and what are the motorists required to do when encountering a cyclists on a roadway?

Why Hire a DUI Lawyer:   The question is often asked: What is the advantage of hiring an attorney for a DUI?

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Ex Des Moines DUI Cop Sentenced:   Ex Des Moines Police Officer, Colin Boone, was sentenced today in federal court following his conviction for using Excessive Force in connection with a Traffic Stop.

Cheers to the Iowa Supreme Court - From Your Front Porch:   Are the front steps or front porch of a single-family residence a "public place" for purposes of Iowa's public intoxication and open container law?

What EVERY Iowa Lawyer Should Know About OWI:   There is no area of the practice of law that is immune from the dreaded 2 a.m. phone call. Here are 5 general rules of thumb to help guide the legal practitioner not versed in DUI defense with dealing with the 2 a.m. phone call.

Law Enforcement Gets An Unlikely Ally This Memorial Day:   Law enforcement has an unlikely ally this summer. With Memorial Day right around the corner, an Iowa law firm specializing in drunk driving defense is equipping people with the tools necessary to avoid driving while intoxicated this holiday weekend.

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Federal Judge Throws Out Drugs and Gun:   Illegal police conduct results in critical evidence being ruled inadmissible in federal drug and gun prosecution.

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Defense of the Oh Crap App:   Defending the Oh Crap App as an effective education and prevention tool.

Boating While Intoxicated - Just say no, don't blow!!!:   Boating While Intoxicated - Just say no, don't blow!!!

I Wasn't Read My Rights:   The majority of the public is under the impression that if their rights (you have the right to remain silent . . . etc) are not read after someone is arrested the police did something wrong and/or the charges must be dismissed.