Iowa Uniform Bond Schedule - Updated

posted by Robert Rehkemper on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Iowa has a new Uniform Bond Schedule that went into effect on July 2, 1017, which significantly lowers the schedule bond on felony drug offenses.  It is as follows:
  • Any class "B" felony - $25,000
  • Any class "C" felony - $10,000
  • Any class "D" felony - $5,000
  • Aggravated misdemeanor - $2,000
  • Serious misdemeanor - $1,000
  • Simple misdemeanor - $300
  • Traffic and other schedule violations  - The amount set forth in the State of Iowa Compendium of Scheduled Violations and Scheduled Fines.
The new bond schedule also states that bond may NOT be set for persons arrested for the following offenses until AFTER they have been seen by a judicial officer:
  • Forcible felony crimes, as defined in 702.11.
  • Manufacture, deliver, possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, or distribution of methamphetamine under Iowa Code section 124.401, as provided for in Iowa Code section 804.21(1).
  • Stalking, pursuant to Iowa Code section 708.11(5).
  • Persons arrested or taken into custody pursuant to Iowa Code sections 236.11 or 236.12 (Domestic abuse assault)
  • Persons arrested or taken into custody for intimidation with a dangerous weapon in  violation of Iowa Code section 708.6.
  • Persons arrested or taken into custody for possession of a firearm by a felon in violation of Iowa Code section 724.26(1).
Upon an arrested person being seen by a judicial officer, the judicial officer will exercise discretion in setting bond in accordance with the factors set forth in Iowa code section 811.2, and the judicial officer is not to be bound by the uniform bond schedule the Judicial Council has established for use when court is not in session.
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