The Ultimate DUI Defense App

posted by on Friday, January 31, 2014

Drunk driving defense - yeah we have an app for that.  

In June 2013, GRL Law launched its trademark pending, Oh Crap App - a mobile application specifically developed to assist in defending drunk driving accusations and invoking a motorist's legal rights.  The app is the brainchild of the attorneys at GRL Law who specialized in defending drunk driving and drug charges.  Throughout the years of representing clients on these charges, the GRL Law lawyers became increasingly frustrated with clients not knowing or understanding their legal rights at the time it mattered most - their initial contact with law enforcement.  To compound the problem, often times clients who did invoke their rights had difficulty proving that fact in court when law enforcement claimed no such statements were made.  In those situations, courts routinely sided with law enforcement finding that the individual consented to a search or failed to legally invoke their rights.

The GRL Law attorneys did not take this problem lightly.  They refused to let courts take law enforcement at their word and initially developed the Iowa Driver's Rights Card.  With advances in technology and mobile phones came the next logical step - a mobile application - The Oh Crap App.  So what exactly is the Oh Crap App and how does it work to protect peoples rights?

The Oh Crap App is designed to serve two primary purposes:

  1. Assist individuals with exercising and documenting their exercise of their rights; and
  2. Educate the public regarding their legal rights.

Oh Crap Button - Rights function.
The “Oh Crap Button” is used for that “oh crap moment” when a person is suddenly confronted with law enforcement either pulling them over or approaching them in some other manner.  When pressed, the “Oh Crap Button” triggers the audio recording function on the person’s phone to record the ensuing interaction between the individual and law enforcement.

After the recorder is activated, the app then gives the person a friendly reminder of their “emergency rights” and provides an easy to use link to contact an on-call attorney in their geographic region. When the “contact attorney” function is activated, an email is automatically sent to the attorney as well as a bondsman and the user’s designated emergency contact.  This function is most effective when the “My Info” section of the app is completed.

Educate Me - Education function.
The “Educate Me” function provides information regarding a person’s constitutional rights when being investigated by law enforcement for a criminal offense.  The rights are broken down into Basic Legal Rights applicable to all types of criminal investigations; DUI Rights that are specifically tailored for a DUI Investigation and Emergency Rights which are a quick reminder of the basics.  This function also has an informational BAC calculator and tips on how to avoid getting a DUI.

With 3,000 downloads and counting, the app is catching on and will soon be offering a nation wide network of qualified attorneys to assist a person who is arrested in any part of the United States.  The app is absolutely free and does not store or forward your personal information to anyone unless you select the function to contact the on call attorney.  Download your free rights reminder today.

Know your rights; Exercise your rights; Preserve your freedom!

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