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Drug charges, even minor ones, can have serious repercussions. A person convicted of a simple possession can serve time in jail or prison. If the prosecuting attorney can push it further to an intent or actual delivery or sale, sentences for drug charges can outlast those for violent crimes, including sex crimes.

Is that right or fair? The "righteousness" of drug laws is a matter that we all need to address with legislatures to get the laws changed. However, "fairness" is where we come into the picture.

Often times, possession charges are a matter of perspective that is greatly distorted when the drugs are uncovered during an illegal search, and an unfair confiscation. When a roommate gives police permission to search the premises, somebody needs to make that unfair and illegal point to the district attorney. As with all criminal laws, drug laws exist to punish those convicted for a crime. But if the process by which the evidence was obtained violated the laws in existence to protect your home and your privacy, that is an issue that must be argued with legal expertise. No district attorney will be willing to surrender to a weak argument or a defendant without a lawyer. He knows he has the upper hand on both situations.

Conversely, we know drug laws, and we know how to make legal arguments with the district attorneys that not only set them back, but cause them to look at our past case results in consideration of whether they want to take a chance on their now obviously weak case.

Iowa Drug Laws & Penalties

Meth usage is one area that prosecutors and politicians are targeting with longer sentences and mandatory minimums. If you plead guilty to a certain level of offense, you face a mandatory minimum prison sentence that gives the judge no discretion and lands you in prison for a very long time. 

There are other issues involved in drug charges. For instance, whether you've taken meth, cocaine, heroin or LSD will determine the penalties if you are convicted. You could also face a loss of driving privileges. College student convicted of drug possession face a 6 month suspension of their drivers license and loss of federal financial aid eligibility.

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