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Criminal accusations in federal court carry severe and lasting punishments including long mandatory minimum prison terms, if the accused is convicted.  More often than not, federal criminal charges include allegations of narcotic violations like wide-spread drug distribution, firearm offenses or child pornography.  

Federal investigations tend to be thorough and carefully put together without the financial or time limitations that are seen in State cases.  This means that the defense must be that much more intensive, organized and relentless.  Shortcuts are not acceptable in federal court.  This means when faced with a federal indictment the stakes are the highest for the defendant and the best representation possible is an absolute necessity.

Conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, or ecstasy are far and away the most common charges in federal court.  These charges carry with them a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of at least 5 years but more frequently, 10 years.  The applicable mandatory minimum term of imprisonment if the person is convicted depends upon their prior criminal history and the amount of drugs alleged to be involved in the conspiracy.  

In the federal system, prison terms are what the sentence says they are.  There is no “good time” in the federal prison system.  While certain program credits can be obtained the most a person can receive off of their sentence is 15%.  This means, at a minimum if a person is convicted and sentenced to prison in federal court, they will do at least 85% of the prison term before they are released to Supervised Release.

Our federal criminal defense attorneys understand and appreciate the stakes in federal criminal defense and promise to provide each client the thorough and aggressive defense they deserve.  Attention to detail and an exhaustive investigation of all of the facts are our trademark, keeping the client and their families updated on the progress of their case.  When the stakes are highest, GRL Law excels and provides the best possible representation in your time of need.

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