Drug Offenses

Federal Drug Charges - Conspiracy - Manufacturing - Delivery

Most drug offenses charged in the federal courts (United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern District) of Iowa cary mandatory minimum sentences ranging anywhere from 10 to 20 years in prison.  Conspiracy to Deliver, Conspiracy to Manufacture, and Possession with the Intent to Deliver drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, and esctacy are the most common drug charges defendants are indicted for in Iowa federal courts.  The applicable mandatory minimum sentence if a defendant is determined by the quantity of drugs alleged to be involved in the offense, whether a weapon or firearm was used or possessed during the alleged defense as well as the defendant's prior record of criminal convictions.

No "Good Time" In Federal Prison

In the federal system, prison terms that are imposed are not reduced for "good and honor time" like they are in state prisons. There are available program-related “credits”; however, even with every available program credit, the person must still serve 85% of the sentence imposed. There is no such thing as parole in the federal corrections system. Once the person has served the term of incarceration, they then begin a supervised release term that if revoked can lead to additional months and years of imprisonment above and beyond what was previously imposed.

Federal Drug Investigations

When an individual becomes a suspect in a federal drug offense involving methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana or other illegal drugs, immediate action is necessary. There is no debate whether the indicted individual needs an attorney. A knowledgeable, qualified and motivated defense lawyer is a must. The quicker your defense attorney can get to work on the case the more effective the lawyer will be. Time is of the essence.

Our qualified federal criminal defense lawyers understand that serious federal criminal drug charges require an immediate and effective defense. We begin working aggressively on the case from the very beginning, paying close attention to every detail with a meticulous case preparation and a straightforward evaluation of each and every case. Our federal drug offense lawyers are satisfied with nothing less then the best result for each and every client we represent. Contact the federal drug and narcotic defense lawyers at GRL Law today and ensure that your right to effective representation is exercised and your liberty is the most important focus of your lawyer's efforts.

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