White Collar Crimes

"White collar" is a popular term initially used to describe crimes of deceipt or fraud, alleged to have been committed by individuals of higher socioeconomic status.  According to the FBI "white collar crimes" involve accusations of "lying, cheating, and stealing."  These allegations may include complicated consumer fraud, embezzlement, securities violations, Medicaid or Medicare fraud or other complicated financial offenses.

Federal investigating bodies such as the FBI, FDIC,  Medicaid or Medicare have the personnel and financial resources necessary to conduct detailed and some times overbearing investigation into these allegations.  Most people investigated and accused of these offenses do not have prior involvement in the criminal justice system.  Because of this, while well-educated in many areas, the criminal justice system remains a mystery to them many times until it is too late. The disparity in power between the investigating entities coupled with the targeted individuals ignorance regaring criminal investigations and the judicial system in general, can create a dangerous combination for the unsuspecting target.  For this reason, a person is well-advised to consult and retain qualified legal counsel at the first hint of an investigation.  As thorough and dogged as the government's investigation may be, the defense must be that much more thorough and meticulous.  These investigations do not just "go away."  An aggressive and intelligent defense is an absolute necessity.

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