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You have all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know it’s what you can prove,” and the realm of criminal law is no different.  Many people accused of crimes generally have some level of criminal culpability but the focus should not be on whether the person committed the offense but rather whether the State can prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.  To that end, Iowa law provides several defenses to individuals charged with a crime including a general denial,  affirmative defenses, and the exclusion of evidence.  The type of crime a person is accused of committing and the specific facts of the case often dictate which defense(s) will be applicable to any given situation so it is important to seek competent legal counsel to determine which defenses may apply to any given situation.  Iowa law also allows a defendant to present inconsistent defenses to the jury.  For example a person can claim intoxication while also claiming they were not at the scene of the crime.  Often times however, specific legal defenses are not applicable and the defensive approach needs to focus on excluding certain evidence so that the State is unable to prove the alleged charges.

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