Preparing for Court


Individuals appearing for court should dress in professional business attire. Dress for success. Avoid blue jeans, t-shirts and recreational clothing. NEVER wear clothing that could be considered inappropriate or offensive.

Court Appearance

When you are scheduled to appear in court, you will be required to go through security, so leave any non-essential items in your car or at home. Wait just outside of the courtroom or at another predetermined meetings spot for your attorney. BE EARLY! NEVER show up late. If for some unforeseen act of God, you are running behind schedule make sure to contact your attorney’s office well ahead of time.


Bring your paperwork with you to court. This should include all of the papers that you have received from the attorneys, the police or from the mail.


If you are a witness that has been requested or subpoenaed to appear at court make sure to contact the attorney or other individual requesting or subpoenaing your presence as soon as possible to let them know you have received the subpoena. This will allow the attorneys to schedule accordingly and may very well avoid you sitting in the hallway for hours prior to testifying. If you have been subpoenaed, present your subpoena to the court attendant at courtroom listed on the subpoena and you will be directed where to go from there.

Failure to Appear in Court

You must always appear in court when instructed unless the Judge has previously excused your appearance and you have been notified you that your personal appearance is not necessary. If you fail to appear, the Judge may issue a warrant for your arrest or may hold you in contempt for violation of the court’s order to appear.

Future Court Date

If the court assigns a future court date that is difficult for you to attend, please tell the court and/or your attorney immediately, while in front of the judge, or prior to leaving the courthouse, so they can attempt to change the court date.

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