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Aggravated Misdemeanor

Imprisonment for up to two years but no less than 7 days in jail; fine of up to $5,000 but no less than $1,850 plus 32% surcharge, court costs and $10 DARE surcharge; Substance abuse evaluation; drinking drivers course; and restitution (if any).

Convictions or deferred judgments with in the last twelve years in any state are counted as prior offenses.

Misdemeanor Convictions

While misdemeanor convictions do not pose nearly the issues that felony convictions pose, they often have devistating effects on a person's life. Employers often run background checks, and when they do a misdemeanor is a criminal offense that will show up in the final report. Additionally, a misdemeanor can cause issues with obtaining clearances such as a security clearance or a child care center license particularly if the misdmeanor offense involved any violent or sexual crime.

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