OWI 3rd

Class D Felony

Imprisonment for up to 5 years but no less than 30 days in jail; fine of up to $7,500 but no less than $3,125 plus 32% surcharge, court costs and $10 DARE surcharge; Substance abuse evaluation; drinking drivers course; restitution (if any); and court imposed barrment of driving privileges for 6 years.

Felony Convictions

A crime is an act for which the legislature has created a law by which people can be punished if they are convicted for having committed the crime. A felony is an offense for which that punishment will be a sentence to a state or federal prison for the period of one or more years. A misdemeanor offense is any other crime that is not a felony.  

Felony Offenses

A felony is the most serious crime. Felony crimes and their related penalties are categorized into "classes" ranging from a Class A Felony - the most serious penalty - downward to lesser classified offenses with lesser penalties. For a chart depicting felony crimes and related penalties, please refer to felony penalties. 

Effects of Felony Convictions

In almost all cases, a conviction for a felony offense will result in an immediate harsh prison sentence, however some criminal convictions for felony offenses can also result in lesser outcomes such as delayed sentences (however rare). In all cases, a person who is convicted of a felony will lose liberties that are often taken for granted.

Felony Results in Loss of Liberty to Vote & Bear Arms

Amongst the basic liberties that a felony conviction will affect are a person's right to vote and bear arms. A convicted felon forever loses his or her right to care a firearm, which includes hunting and keeping a weapon in the home for protection. Until such time that the convicted felon has completed his or her sentence, he or she may not vote. The right to vote will not be restored is any other sentence for a felony conviction has not yet been completed.  

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