Ignition Interlock

When are Interlock Devices Required?

Ignition interlock devices are required almost any time a driver wants to obtain a temporary restricted license (work permit). The only exception to this is on a first offense where the individual submits to testing and the test indicates an alcohol concentration of .100 or below. Even individuals that test positive for the presence of controlled substances are required to install ignition interlock devices even though they have no ability to detect controlled substances. It’s silly, but still the law.

What is an Interlock Device?

Ignition interlock devices are portable breath test devices that are installed in a person’s vehicle that require alcohol-free breath samples to be submitted before starting the vehicle and intermittently as the vehicle is running. If the interlock devices detects alcohol, the vehicle will not start. If the driver misses a sample submission request, the device will then be triggered, often times resulting in the horn blowing and lights flashing. In that event, once stopped, the vehicle will not restart until the device is manually reset by the service provider.

Contrary to some common misconceptions, the vehicle does not immediately shut down on the driver.

Who Pays for the Installation of an Interlock Device?

All costs for installation of an interlock device are the responsibility of the person convicted for operating while under the influence.

How Much Does an Interlock Device Cost to Install?

The cost of ignition interlock devices depends upon the provider used. Generally speaking, providers charge a one-time installation fee plus a monthly service fee of anywhere from $60-$80/month. In addition to those fees, providers also normally charge de-installation fees and fees for service calls.

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