Resources for Out of State Residents

Out-of-State residents that have their privilege to drive in the state of Iowa disqualified for operating while intoxicated offenses, will want to ensure that the following requirements are taken care of with the Iowa Department of Transportation to avoid complications with renewing or reinstating their driving privileges in their home state.
  1. Substance Abuse Evaluation. Iowa law requires a substance abuse evaluation be completed and filed with the Iowa Department of Transportation before Iowa's "hold" on their driving privileges will be lifted. An evaulation can be completed by an approved agency here in Iowa or an out-of-state evaluation can be completed and submitted along with this form.
  2. Drinking Driver's Education Class. Iowa law also requires an approved drinking drivers education class be completed before the Iowa Department of Transportation will release their "hold" on an out of state licensed driver. This class can be completed here in Iowa or a qualifying program may be completed in the individual's home state along with this form. You will want to provide a copy of that form to the agency prior to signing up and completing the program to ensure that it will qualify.
  3. $200 Civil Penalty. The Iowa Deparment of Transportation will not miss their chance to get money out of an out-of-state resident who has their Iowa driving privileges disqualified in Iowa. A civil penalty of $200 must be paid the the Iowa Department of Transportation before they release the "hold" on the out-of-state licensed driver's driving privileges. Here is the link to make that payment.