Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury

Hit and Run - DUI Drunk Driving Accident

If convicted of either Vehicular Homicide or Serious Injury by Vehicle by way of Operating While Intoxicated (drunk driving), the judge has NO CHOICE but to send you to prison.  Probation is not an option.

Drunk driving (DUI-OWI) charges are serious in their own right, but things go from bad to worse when someone is fatally injured in a drunk driving accident. If you are charged with vehicular homicide or vehicular manslaughter, you face serious and substantial mandatory jail time (up to 25 years), heavy fines, losing your driving privileges (up to 6 years) and a class B criminal felony record. 

Our Des Moines, Iowa, criminal defense attorneys understand that serious criminal charges call for a serious and aggressive criminal defense. We do not take a "wait and see" attitude and react to what the prosecution does. We believe in being proactive and taking an aggressive approach at mounting the best possible defense.

At Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm, we begin our investigation immediately. Our criminal defense attorneys question witnesses, comb through the police report, investigate the accident scene, and challenge any perceived impropriety by the police or the prosecution, or any violation of your constitutional rights.

When alcohol is suspected in a car accident that resulted in death or serious injury to an individual other than the driver, law enforcement is investigating the most serious OWI/DUI related offense. As you can see below, no intent is required. This charge is filed when an individual who is operating while intoxicated accidentally causes the death of another by driving drunk.

Know Your Rights. Exercise Your Rights. Preserve Your Freedom.

What the driver does and says from his/her first interaction with law enforcement may determine whether or not he/she is placed under arrest to eventually spend the next 25 years in an Iowa state prison. The majority of these cases are investigated while the suspect is receiving medical care at the hospital. That being said for the majority of these cases the only evidence of alcohol or drug impairment comes from what the suspect voluntarily gives law enforcement. Please read and understand "Your Rights" before you find yourself in such a predicament.

Vehicular Homicide is the most serious operating while intoxicated related charge a person can face.  Serious charges require serious expertise.

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