Proving and Disproving

If paternity is disputed in the State of Iowa either parent may file an action to prove or disprove the patnerity of a child.  This is done by filing an action in District Court to force the other party to submit to a DNA test to determine whether or not they are indeed the biological parent of the child.

If a child is born in wedlock, then paternity is presumed to be the married parents.  However, there are times where this may be questioned and the proper procedure to have a legally binding determination made is a Petition to Determine Paternity.  Once paternity is established, child support obligations follow.  If paternity is dissestablished then FUTURe child support obligations are extinguished but amounts paid up until that point are not refundable.  In some situations paternity fraud may be alleged and a separate law suit instituted to recoup child support payments made to the mother if false representations of paternity have been made. 

Time is of the essence if paternity is questioned.