Health Care

In the course of a divorce, many families must consider health care options in addition to any monthly child support obligations. Parents must cover the cost of the child’s health insurance and medical care. The Court will almost always require one parent to provide health insurance for the children, which may be in addition to his/her monthly child support obligation.  However, the party who provides the health insurance may be partially credited for monthly medical support payments. The child support guidelines in Iowa require that the custodial parent pay the first $250 per child per year (up to a maximum of $500) of any uncovered medical expenses.  Each parent will be apportioned medical expenses beyond that initial amount according to his or her percentage of combined income.
In addition, you yourself will need to consider your health care options after divorce. Often your ex-spouse maintained the health insurance which will now disappear following the divorce.  Consider speaking with an experienced attorney to determine whether that cost can be recovered by requesting alimony from your ex-spouse. 

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