Wrongful Death and Serious Injury Division

The GRL Law Wrongful Death & Serious Injury Division is a dedicated team of legal experts that represents Iowans and their familes who have been affected by accidents and other tragedies.  When accidents are caused by careless or other actions of another person or company, that party is responsible to the Iowan and his or her family for the effects of those actions. GRL Law is in the business of holding those responsible parties and their insurance companies accountable for the consequences of their actions or negligence.    

The GRL Law team consists of Iowa parents, drivers, motorcylists, bicyclists, and runners and some on our team have experienced firsthand the effects of a traumatic accident. More importantly, GRL Law has the experience, expertise and results that show why so many Iowans trust us to protect them and help them rebuild after a tragic accindet.  We are Iowans helping Iowans.  GRL Law. When good people need GReat Lawyers    
 To learn more about the specific categories of lawsuits that fall under wrongful death and serious injury check out the links below.

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