Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers are legally responsible for the death and injuries resulting from their actions.  There are a number of ways that a person can be required to pay for injuries and deaths that occur from their drunk driving behavior.  Drunk driving in the State of Iowa can be proven by establishing that the offending driver had an alcohol concentration in excess of .08; had a drug or controlled substance in their system; or was “under the influence” of alcohol, drug, or combination of alcohol or drug, at the time of the collision.

It is not enough to just show that the offending driver was over the legal limit or had a controlled substance present in their system at the time of the accident for an injured person to be compensated by the offending driver’s insurance company.  Rather the injured party must be able to prove that the alcohol, drug or a combination thereof, was a “proximate cause” of the accident and resulting injury or death.  This requires the attorney representing the injured person or family to understand both the legal and scientific nuances that are associated with drunk driving cases.

At GRL Law we have some of the foremost recognized and specialized drunk driving trial lawyers in the State of Iowa on our team.  They have been specially trained and educated on both the science and law associated with alcohol related claims and speak at seminars on that topic every year across the state.  Just as important, GRL Law has access to the best and brightest expert witnesses in this field of law to assist in the development and prosecution of these types of cases.  If ensuring that you or your family is represented by lawyers that are leaders in their field, GRL Law is the law firm you want on your side for alcohol related claims.

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