Other Animal Claims

Besides dog bites and loose livestock, other classes of animals can cause an owner to be liable for injury or damage caused by their animals.  Strict liability means that the owner is absolutely liable to the injured party, even if the owner wasn’t directly at fault, wasn’t negligent and had no intent to harm the injured party. Strict liability is imposed on animal owners for damages caused by wild animals kept in captivity or as pets.  Keepers of animals that are normally considered "wild" are strictly liable for the damage these pets cause if they escape, regardless of whether or not the animal is known to be dangerous. Because these kinds of animals are known to revert to their natural tendencies, they are considered to be wild no matter how well trained or domesticated.  Some examples of the kinds of animals considered to be wild are lions, tigers, bears, wolves, elephants, alligators and the like.  

Even damage or injury caused by a domesticated animal can cause strict liability to be imposed upon its owner.  If the owner knew or had reason to know that the animal has dangerous propensities, strict liability can be imposed upon the owner.  For instance, if a person knew that a cat had a tendency to violently attack every girl with brown hair that came near it and the owner was aware of this fact, strict liability would likely be imposed upon the cat’s owner.  Some cities and municipalities have local ordinances that impose strict liability on certain breeds, species, and types of animals as well.  However, if a person was engaged in an unlawful act that contributed to the injury (for instance, if a burglar broke into a home and was bitten by the owner’s dog), the owner would not be liable to the injured person.  For more specific information on dog bites, see here.  

If you or your loved ones are injured by an animal, wild or domestic, call the attorneys at GRL Law to determine if you may be entitled to recovery for your injuries.  

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