Property Owner Responsibility

An owner of property in Iowa is legally required to maintain their property and keep it in a condition that does not put lawful visitors at risk of injury.  While a property owner is not required to know every possible potential dangerous condition that exists on their property, they are required to exercise reasonable care to discover and correct any dangerous conditions.  Most importantly, if the owner or a person that can be considered an agent of the owner, for example an employee, actually creates the dangerous condition, the owner is presumed to know that the dangerous condition existed.

While the legal requirements pertaining to a land owner’s responsibility to keep their property safe can be confusing at times, they are best understood as requiring land owners to simply use common sense.  Don’t create dangerous conditions and fix, warn and shelter visitors from dangerous conditions that do exist.  Also, know the housing code requirements and make sure that the property is kept up with the required housing code standards.

When people are injured on property due to dangerous conditions created or allowed to exist by the owner, they are entitled to receive compensation for those injuries.  Injuries resulting from dangerous conditions on property can range from minor to the most severe and even death.  When good people need great lawyers they call GRL Law. 

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