Vehicle Accidents

Serious Accident - Serious Injuries

Serious injuries suffered in car accidents require serious attention and assistance. T-Bone, head-on, multiple car pile-ups, semi truck accidents, and accidents involving pedestrians or bicycles will usually result in serious injuries if not death. The serious injuries not resulting in death will often-times leave the individual permanently disabled and incapable of caring for themselves. Individuals that once had a comfortable life, a good job and steady income, and wonderful family are at risk of seeing their dreams that they have worked so hard to attain unravel before their very eyes. Mounting medical expenses, inability to work and unpaid bills are a distinct reality adding unnecessary stress and turmoil to a situation that is already difficult enough.

Effects on the Family

Assisting the injured individual and changes in the person’s personality and abilities creates stress and considerable challenges to the entire family. Members of the family are required to take on additional jobs and responsibilities just to make ends meet.

Catastrophic Injuries & Effects

Serious injury cases differ significantly from the run of the mill “fender bender” where much of the insurance claim can be handled without the services of an attorney.

Insurance Payments Refused

In situations involving serious or catastrophic injuries such as those involving damage to thebrain or central nervous system, suddenly the insurance company - faced with paying medical expenses ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars - takes a position that is contrary to the best interest of the client. The same insurance company that has eagerly received your premium payments every month and sent out “friendly” reminders when these payments are late, for situations such as these, suddenly refuses to pay or will only pay a small portion of certain costs.

Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm Can Help

This is the point in ones life where the services and assistance of a qualified attorney is imperative. Serious accidents and injuries require serious help. Here at Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm, we make it a point to help clients or potential clients take care of their own needs in fender-bender type situations so that we have the time and resources to spend on the cases and clients needing and deserving serious attention and assistance.

We also take the time to notify hospitals and medical providers, and provide them with the information necessary to ease their otherwise aggressive collection practices.

Simply put, our job is to make life as bearable as possible for you and your family while you obtain the treatment necessary for recovery, services required to carry on, and ultimately the compensation you deserve. Our job is to provide you with the serious assistance you need and deserve in the most difficult time of your and your family's lives. Serious injuries requireserious assistance.

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