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Traffic Accidents

On average, someone dies in a traffic accident every day in Iowa.  That is a truly frightening statistic.  (For up to date statistics on traffic fatalities from the Iowa Dot, click here.) Thousands more are injured every year, many permanently.    Unfortunately, most are due to the negligence of one of the drivers involved. For example from in Iowa from 2008-2012, 
  • 192 people were killed in speeding related accidents;
  • 151 people were killed in  in an accident where they were ran off the road;
  • 57 people were killed when a  driver crossed the centerline or median;
  • 97 by a drunk or otherwise impaired driver
For a full break down of fatalities please click here

Tens of thousands of Iowans have been directly affected by a traffic fatality or serious injury to themselves or a family member.  The effects of an accident on an injured person or the surviving family members of an Iowan killed in a wreck is traumatic and severe.  Navigating the complex process of making an insurance claim after such a life-altering event can seem insurmountable.  Amid the grief and loss, many questions arise such as:
  • Who may have a claim in addition to the person injured? Answers
  • What losses are compensable?  In other words, can I be paid for: 
    • My car, 
    • My medical bills, 
    • My lost salary or wages, 
    • My grief or mental anguish, 
    • My pain, 
    • My bodies’ limited or inability to function like it did previously?
    • My future losses
    • The loss or lessening of a relationship with a family member
    • The answers to each of these are in many instances yes
  • How are these losses valued and what are they worth? Answers
    • Are my claims valued differently by an insurance company if I don’t have a lawyer? Answer- yes
    • Are they valued differently because of which lawyer I retain? Answer- yes
    • Are they valued differently if I don’t file a lawsuit? Answer- sometimes
  • Is the insurance adjustor being straightforward with me? The answer is it’s possible, but also certainly possible they are not.
  • Do need an attorney or can I make the claim myself? It depends on whether someone is injured and the severity of those injuries. The more severe the injuries, the more important it is to have an attorney that specialized in traffic acciddents. 
  • Does it matter what attorney I retain? Absolutely. Ask an attorney questions such as:
    • Do you specialize in car accident cases?
    • Do you regularly file and litigate traffic accident lawsuits?
    • Do you regularly go to trial on traffic accident lawsuits?
    • Do you practice in both state and federal court?
    • Have you actually tried cases in state and federal court? 
    • Have you, not just the firm but the specific attorney obtained any million dollar verdicts? 
    • Have you recovered millions of dollars from insurance companies in Iowa for Iowans? 

In some circumstances, it is not entirely clear who was at fault.  Also, sometimes law enforcement does an insufficient investigation of the accident. In these situations it is extremely important that a proper investigation is conducted and evidence preserved.  Sometimes experts need to be employed such as an accident reconstructionist, and economist, or many other specialists who need to provide an expert opinion on what happened or why.  In these situation you will need an expert legal team on your side with the financial and expert resources to make sure the situation is investigated thoroughly and properly.  

At the end of the day, no monetary value can be placed on the loss of a loved one or the enduring impacts of a traumatic injury.  However, that does not mean that those responsible and their insurance companies should not be held accountable for those losses. In a situation where someone’s mistake causes you or your family harm, you need not just good but Great protection and representation.  GRL Law.  When good people need GReat Lawyers. 

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