Passenger Injuries

Single vehicle accidents occur with much greater frequency than many would probably believe.  Often times, these accidents occur on rural gravel roads, late at night or even during severe weather conditions with friends or relatives in the vehicle at the time of the accident.  Whatever the reason may be, it often seems that the passengers in these single-vehicle accidents are the ones most commonly and most severely injured.
So what happens when a passenger is injured in a single vehicle accident? Do they have any right to compensations?  This rule is pretty straight forward - drivers are legally responsible to injuries to their passengers that result from their negligence. 

The law requires all drivers to maintain control of their vehicle under all driving conditions.  If a driver of a car fails to maintain control of his vehicle, or fails to obey the traffic laws and an accident results, the driver and his insurance company will be financially responsible for the injuries to the passengers of that vehicle.
When family members are injured due to the negligence of another family member’s operation of a vehicle, the issue becomes a little more complicated.  Some insurance policies have something called family exclusions.  These policy provisions preclude family members who are injured in a vehicle accident from being compensated by the other family member’s insurance policy.  However, these policies often only exclude family members residing in the same household and do not extend to the extended family or family not living in the same household.  Also, if the familial exclusion applies, compensation may be available under a separate underinsured or uninsured policy.

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