Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes take on a big responsibility in our communities in Iowa and across the country.  They are responsible for the safety and care of some of our most vulnerable family members and friends.  When nursing homes fail to live up to the standards that they are required by law to meet, our family members are at grave risk of injury or death.  Unfortunately, avoidable mistakes by nursing homes happen all too often.

When mistakes are made by nursing homes, patients are seriously injured or killed.  A family who endures such a tragedy need the best representation available to ensure that the family’s rights are protected. Nursing homes spend millions upon millions of dollars to avoid responsibility for their errors.  A family that suffers a life-altering or life-ending injury deserves a legal team that can stand up to and defeat the vast resources that nursing homes will utilize in an attempt to avoid accountability for  their mistakes. 

GRL Law is one of the very few firms in Iowa that has the attorneys, resources, skill and experience to not only represent families in these catastrophic situations, but stand up to and defeat these huge corporations and their so called "big-time" lawyers.  If a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury at a nursing home or care facility, time is important.  The sooner the GRL Law team is retained, the better able we are to investigate and determine what happened and why; and most importantly, prepare to hold the corporation accountable when it is responsible.   

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It is a fact of life that bad things happen to good people. Tragedies, mistakes, and lapses in judgment are an unfortunate part of life. GRL Law is an Iowa law firm dedicated to helping Iowans through the most difficult times in their lives. When good people need GReat Lawyers they get GRL Law.