Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle travel is allowed on all trails and most streets and highways across the State of Iowa.  There are however, some exceptions which include highways and select four-lane highways and designated city streets.  In 2013 there were four bicycle-motor vehicle fatalities while in 2012, the Iowa Department of Transportation reported 441 bicycle-motor vehicle crashes involving bicyclists with 3 fatalities and 438 injuries.

A bicycle traveling on a trail or road has just as much right to the road as other vehicular traffic.  A person riding a bike on the road in Iowa is subject to all of the rights and responsibilities of the driver of a motor vehicle.  This means so long as a bicyclist is complying with the “rules of the road,” other traffic must respect the right of the bicyclist to use the road and must modify their driving behavior accordingly.  Vehicles must yield where appropriately and may only pass a bicyclist when it would be safe to do so, providing sufficient space to pass safely.  It is also just as important to note that failure of a bicyclist to abide by the rules of the road may also serve to limit the bicyclist’s recovery in the event of a collision with a car or truck based upon the legal requirements of comparative fault.

Bicycle vs. motor vehicle accidents often times result in significant and serious injuries to the bicyclists.  GRL Law has partners, associates and staff members that are avid cyclists and GRL law is passionate about ensuring that cyclists remain safe on Iowa roads.  Remember, always wear a helmet and never hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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