Pedestrian Accidents

When a car hits a person, the resulting injuries are often catastrophic. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, however, should a driver be at fault for striking a person crossing the street or otherwise near a roadway, that individual is entitled to compensation for their resulting injuries. While pedestrians can take precautions that vastly reduce the possibility of being involved in a pedestrian accident, with more vehicles on the road every day, pedestrian accidents are becoming a more frequent and serious issue. In fact, the National Highway traffic Safety Association reports that more than 78,000 pedestrians are injured in pedestrian accidents each year with nearly 5,000 resulting deaths. 

Other than the increased likelihood of severe injury or death, pedestrian accident claims are very similar to other car accident claims. Should the negligence of another driver or any other individual be responsible, or even partly responsible in some instances, for injuries sustained by a pedestrian, that individual is entitled to recovery for the damages that they have incurred. (For a more extensive discussion of damages please click here (link)) . Negligence from a legal perspective occurs when an individual fails to conform to the standard of reasonable conduct that we expect from a similarly situated person and such action or inaction results in an injury or other damage to another. Those that can have potential liability for an accident include:

  • Drivers Of A Vehicle That Strikes A Pedestrian
  • Owners Of A Vehicle That Strikes A Pedestrian 
  • The Owner Or Driver Of Another Vehicle Causing A Collision 
  • An Automobile Manufacturer 
  • A Municipality Or Other Party Who Is Responsible For Maintenance Or Repair Of The Roadway Or Area Where The Accident Occurs 
  • Other Pedestrians

Only an experienced accident attorney will have the expertise necessary to determine all parties that are potentially at fault.

Injuries that befall a pedestrian are often severe. Some of the more frequent that occur as the result of a pedestrian accident include:

  • Wrongful Death 
  • Head And Brain Injuries 
  • Spinal Cord, Neck And Back Injuries 
  • Fractured Bones 
  • Loss Of Limbs 
  • Paralysis

Given the severity of injuries often resulting from a pedestrian- automobile collision, the resulting damages are often correspondingly high. Accordingly, it is very important to speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney as soon after an accident as possible. Getting an effective injury attorney involved early will insure that the accident is properly investigated, evidence is preserved and the injuries and damages are fully explored.

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