Amputation and dismemberment injuries are some of the worst injuries that can occur in an automobile or other accident.  Amputation and dismemberment injuries involve the loss of a body part typically from severe trauma to a limb.   They are particularly prevalent in motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.  The effects of these types of accidents are extraordinary and numerous.  The pain can be excruciating and the long term effects even worse.  These effects include the learning to live, work and enjoy life again in a different way than a person has in the past.  In some instances such as the loss of one or both arms or legs, this learning process can be long and excruciating in and of itself.  Another result of these types of injuries is the cosmetic change or the change of a person’s appearance.  Learning to live with a new disability and how that affects a person appearance including how others react is a long and difficult process in and of itself.   Also and very importantly, the emotional trauma of such a life altering injury cannot be understated.  The emotional healing process is often overwhelming to a person and their family who has suffered such an injury.   Yet another life altering effect is the ability of someone with such an injury to return to work or earn a living.  If such an injury  affects a person job or prevents them from working, their families wellbeing is at risk.     

There are a number of programs available for those who have suffered these types of injuries.  The following are a few that might be helpful:
  1. National Amputation Foundation- Founded in 1919 for war veterans, the NAF now helps all amputees across the country regardless of the cause.  
  2. Amputee Coalition-  described as the leading organization on limb loss, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, and improving patient care for limb loss
  3. Amputation Overview- For a medical description of the causes procedure and effects.   
From a legal and insurance perspective, all of these extraordinary effects must be understood, considered, and adequately addressed when dealing with an insurance company or making a claim in such life-altering situation.  If they are not, the compensation that an Iowan is entitled to if they have endured such an injury is at risk.   If you or a family member has suffered this or another type of catastrophic injury, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with and work through the situation with you.   

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