Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations we face during our lifetimes.  If it is completely unexpected, losing a family member can be even more traumatic.  The grief, emotions, and complexity of such a profound loss are only complicated when a death is caused by another.  Wrongful death refers to situations where a person’s death was caused by another person or business’s negligence or misconduct.   If this is the case, the family and beneficiaries are typically entitled to financial compensation from the responsible parties or, in many cases, their insurance companies.  In Iowa, folks are responsible for their actions.  This is most important when their actions have the gravest of consequences.

There exist two general sources of recovery in a wrongful death case typically.  Those are for:

  1. The Estate of the deceased; and
  2. The family members such as a spouse, children, or parents. These are called consortium claims.

The types of losses that can be claimed vary significantly depending on who brings the claim.  This is one reason out of many why it is so important that the family of an Iowan who dies because of another’s actions employ an expert attorney in wrongful death claims.  Many attorneys will claim they can take care of it.  Very few specialize in this area and have a consistent track record of the best settlements and jury verdicts.

What is Wrongful Death in Iowa?

Wrongful deaths result from a variety of circumstances.  Some of the more common that we see at GRL Law include:

  1. Car Accidents;
  2. Semi-truck Accidents;
  3. Motorcycles Accidents;
  4. Boating Accidents;
  5. Bicycle Accidents;
  6. Pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles;
  7. Drunk Driving accidents or other circumstances resulting from alcohol use or intoxicated persons;
  8. Accidents caused by livestock or other farm or domestic animals;
  9. Animal Attacks;
  10. Accidents due to dangerous or defective conditions on property or other accidents at a business, a residence or other public or private premises;
  11. Construction accidents;
  12. Work related accidents;
  13. Lack of supervision of children or other negligence regarding children.

Iowa Wrongful Death Lawyers at GRL Law

Sometimes it is not entirely clear who is at fault in a situation where a person is killed. GRL Law specializes not only in the representation of families who have lost loved ones, but also in investigating the causes and determining who the responsible party is when necessary.  We have the experience, tools and access to scientists and other specialists across the county to definitively determine what happened in an accident and why.   We don’t just provide compensation, we provide answers; and sometimes, when all other avenues fail, justice.

No monetary value can be placed on a loved one’s life and no amount of money will bring back your spouse, child or parent.  However that also doesn’t mean that those who are responsible should not be held accountable. Sometimes there is no crime committed but nonetheless an action or failure to act causes the death of a person.  In these situations, the gravest and most catastrophic we ever face, you need the best.  GRL Law, when good people need great lawyers.

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