10 Years of GRL Law

To misquote The Grateful Dead – what a short, fun trip it has been.

It is hard to believe but GRL Law has now been in existence for an entire decade. What started off as three law school friends sitting around having a few beers musing "we should totally start our own law firm," has developed into an effective team of staff and lawyers who are dedicated to protecting the rights of Iowans throughout the entire State. Whether a person is in need of a zealous defense to criminal accusations, compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another, or aggressive assistance in a family law matter, GRL Law has represented clients in almost every county in the State. Our goal is to have successfully resolved cases for clients in every one of Iowa's 99 counties. To date, we only have __ counties to go.

into ideological whistfulness to a reality.

  • 9 Cases before the Iowa Supreme Court – 7 by way of oral argument Lovig, Harris, Defamation, Massengale, Hutton, Kurth, Washington, Hellstern, Pettijohn
  • __ Cases before the Iowa Court of Appeals – __ by way of oral argument
  • Personal injury jury verdicts totalling over 5 million dollars

Every member of GRL Law readily recognizes the fact that GRL Law would not be where it is today without the patience, mentorship, encouragement and guidance of countless members of the legal community over the years. Without a legal community willing to welcome and assist young lawyers, our endeavor would have been doomed from the outset. For this reason, we too remain dedicated to providing assistance to young lawyers committed to providing effective representation of their clients.