$40,000 Settlement for Unwarranted Suspicion in Boone County

In a noteworthy demonstration of legal expertise and dedication to upholding citizens’ rights, GRL’s Government Accountability Division recently marked a significant victory in Boone County, Iowa. The division secured a $40,000 settlement for a Boone County man, unjustly ensnared in the legal system due to an unconstitutional traffic stop by a Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy. This case, emblematic of GRL’s commitment to challenging governmental overreach and defending constitutional rights, not only underscores the firm’s prowess in legal advocacy but also highlights the broader implications of law enforcement practices on individual liberties.

The incident unfolded when a Boone County Deputy, operating under a veil of alleged suspicion, initiated a stop of the client’s vehicle. The Deputy’s justification hinged on the subjective belief that the driver exhibited signs of intoxication—claims that the Deputy’s in-car camera footage would later contradict. Instead of the erratic driving described by the Deputy under oath, the footage revealed a brief and minor deviation to the right side of the roadway, a common occurrence that does not justify a reasonable suspicion of intoxication by itself. The Deputy’s claims led to an unwarranted arrest for Operating While Intoxicated, thrusting our client into a whirlwind of legal and emotional turmoil. A Boone County judge suppressed all the evidence collected throughout the traffic stop and investigation of our client, and eventually, the State dismissed the charges against our client.

After securing the NFG, our client hired Sydney to right the wrongs inflicted because of the unwarranted stop and wrongful arrest. Within days of filing the lawsuit, our client was offered $40,000 for the resolution of the case.

For Boone County, this story is not just about the settlements received; it is about the affirmation of rights, holding individuals accountable for their wrongful actions, and the relentless pursuit of justice. GRL takes pride in these victories, not for the financial compensations secured but for the principles upheld and the lives positively impacted. As we celebrate these successes, we remain dedicated to the cause of government accountability, ever vigilant in our quest to defend the constitutional rights of all citizens against unwarranted governmental actions.