A Deferred Judgment Does Count – Felony Domestic Assault Reduced – OWI Charge Dismissed

Garner, Hancock County, Iowa.  Felony Domestic Abuse allegation reduced to a simple misdemeanor and OWI accusation dismissed.  A thorough investigation into the circumstances of the allegations revealed that the arresting officer improperly informed GRL Law’s client that his prior deferred judgment for operating while intoxicated did not count as a prior offense.  This misinformation, when pointed out, resulted in the license suspension being reversed by the Iowa Department of Transportation which also saved client’s commercial drivers license.  The operating while intoxicated criminal accusation was consequently dismissed.  The initial felony charge related to allegations of domestic abuse assault was ultimately reduced to a misdemeanor when the responding officer’s body-worn camera documented many issues that undermined the accusations.  A thorough investigation is required for an effective defense.  When a case is effectively defended, good things happen.