A Godsend

Life has taught me that when you find yourself or your loved ones in uncharted waters, you find your way to someone who can take the wheel. That was our experience early in the spring. A referral to Bobby from a family attorney was nothing short of a Godsend. At every consultation we were treated with dignity and respect. Bobby’s excellent reputation is well-earned. His knowledge, resources and determination to turn over every rock as we navigated through our family crisis to find resolution will be long-remembered. Although his schedule is demanding, without exception we felt that we had 100% of his attention during our meetings. His follow-up communications were thoughtful, informative, prompt and conveyed in language that a layperson can understand. He was genuinely invested in guiding us through what felt like a horrendous storm to a positive, life-changing outcome.

I am a retired school administrator and I know that the first person who greets clients sets the tone for what follows. So I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Madisyn’s contributions to the process. Her attention to detail is stellar. There truly was no response “wait time” when we posed a question via text or email. We felt that we were genuinely welcomed each time we arrived at the office. Madisyn’s demeanor was professional in every regard.
I only wish that I had words that were adequate in expressing my heartfelt gratitude.
5.0 stars

Posted by Elayne