Absolute excellence

Hired Bobby to represent my son in an OWI case in Central Iowa. The case was a refusal to take initial breath test. During the initial consultation regarding the process, cost, and expectations Bobby provided and extremely clear and concise overview of everything. During the case, Bobby and his team looked into every detail, every piece of evidence, and tendencies of the county prosecutor. For myself, the most important thing was to have clear, consistent Communication between Bobby and my son, since he technically was the client throughout the process up to, and including going to trial, my son was made aware of each and every filing, response and outcome of each. Bobby and his team took the time to question evidence, and in fact discovered deficiencies in law enforcements maintenance of their breathalyzer equipment which resulted in the judge, prohibiting the mention of my son, refusing to take the initial breathalyzer test during trial. Bobby‘s expectation at that point was the prosecutor would perhaps look at a plea. When the prosecutor failed to agree to look at a plea, Bobby and his team utilized the prosecutors evidence of both law enforcements camera and body camera footage. When the case ended up, going to trial, Bobby and his extremely likable demeanor, were able to utilize the prosecution’s evidence to establish reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case so much so the jury spent less than 30 minutes deliberating before they submitted a not guilty verdict. Throughout the trial process, Bobby’s innate ability to make a connection with the jury was an important part of the outcome of the trial. I cannot say enough or recommend enough Bobby as a defense attorney. At no time during this ordeal did Bobby or his team fail to keep my son completely in the loop on all aspects of the process. I cannot recommend enough Bobby and his team for anyone who is looking for a top-of-the-line defense attorney for any and all charges.

5.0 stars

Posted by John