Absolutely Outstanding

Couldn't possibly say enough about my experience with Bobby Rehkemper. He exhibits a near perfect balance of sincere friendliness and professionalism. I never once doubted that he was taking a genuine interest in my well-being. When it comes to legal proceedings, Bobby's prowess and the level of intimidation his presence brings to opposing counsel is obvious. I found myself in a bad situation involving a DUI arrest, traffic accident and significant property damage. I presented Bobby with a difficult case which provided very little 'wiggle room' but he never flinched. He set my mind at ease and took care of everything; I never even had to set foot in a courtroom. Bobby worked on my behalf and saw that I received the best results I could've hoped for, and the bare minimum of possible punishments. I feel, fairly confidently, that without Bobby as my lawyer I would've spent time in jail and could be without my driving privileges still today. Instead, now a year after my incident, I'm free of consequence and have been able to completely move on with my life. I would recommend Bobby's counsel to anybody without hesitation. At least in the state of Iowa, he is undoubtedly the best of the best in DUI lawyering.