All Charges Dropped in Dallas County Courthouse Security Breach

Iowa Courthouse

Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  All charges have now been dropped in the Dallas County Courthouse security breach fiasco.  The case that started as Burglary allegations turned out to be two men just doing their job – testing the security of Iowa courthouses.

There was no shortage of national and local media coverage arising out of this unusual case.  Stories were run on national media outlets including CNBC , The New York Times and U.S. News and World Report.   Lawmakers on the Iowa Senate Oversight Committee even convened a special hearing to look into the security breaches.

Unfortunately, GRL Law’s clients were caught in the middle of a legal debate between the county government and the Iowa Judicial Branch.  The argument centered around which entity had the authority to authorize the penetration testing in a county courthouse which hosts Iowa Judicial Branch court business.  As more and more evidence was produced, it became abundantly clear that the two men did not commit a crime.  Thankfully, the Dallas County Attorney objectively reviewed the available evidence and voluntarily dismissed the charges.  Now that the charges have all been dismissed GRL Law partner, Matthew Lindholm, has issued a press release on their behalf.

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