Amazing Lawyer!

I was pulled over for speeding through a construction site and was given a speeding ticket along with an OWI. I had never been in trouble before so I was a mess about the entire situation. I ended up going to the station and blowing a .112. Because that is over the legal limit, I spent the night in jail and appeared at court in the morning. I had never worked with a lawyer for any reason prior to this event but there was no hesitation to go directly to Matt–I had already been referred to him by another acquaintance who knew of his hard working and professional demeanor. I took their advice and met with Matt a couple weeks after receiving my OWI. He was very professional but also made you feel like even if it didn't seem like it, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. He told me step by step what I needed to do at that moment and made sure I understood all of the paperwork. He asked me for my side of the story and was very inquisitive about what had happened. When all was said and done, I knew he was the right person to trust with my case.

Driving and getting to work was very important to me so Matt immediately requested a DOT hearing to keep my license active. I did not have to take any time away from work to a part of this but instead Matt represented on my behalf at the DOT hearing. Not to long after, I was given notice they accepted the request and I could continue driving until further notice. Being able to have my license throughout everything getting figured out was tremendously meaningful to me and my professional life.

Matt and I did not meet again face to face until our first hearing but I e-mailed him a handful of times throughout the process and he would respond almost immediately with knowledgeable and helpful answers. It made me feel very valued as a client to know he would be there whenever I needed to ask him something. Even when some questions can seem silly to you as a client because it is all so new, he never made me feel like my questions were not important.

As things progressed, Matt ended up seeing via video that the officer denied my right to place a phone call. Because of this Matt told me we were going to request a Motion to Suppress my breath test results. Matt was able to get that accepted at our initial hearing and my OWI charge was dropped down to a reckless driving ticket. I will not have an OWI on my record, will not be required to complete probation, and will not lose my license for any period of time. I was asked to pay the reckless driving ticket and attend the 48 hr OWI weekend camp. After the hearing Matt sat down with me and told me the last few things that I needed to do after receiving these results. He helped me find phone numbers and explained to me the deadlines that I had for paying my ticket and completing the OWI weekend camp. Even after our case together was essentially completed, he still took the time to make sure I knew the last bit of information that I was needing to finalize things on my end.

The amount of gratitude I feel for this outcome and for all of the hard work that Matt put into my case can not be expressed in words. If anyone is ever in a similar situation or searching for a trustworthy and helpful lawyer, I 100% recommend Matt Lindholm!