Author: Matthew Lindholm


Matt and Emily were an excellent team to have on my side. They had every question answered before I even knew to ask it, and each step of the course of action I had to take in explicit detail for me. I will highly recommend Matt to anyone that may need his services, as they […]

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Ask for Privacy

Adams County, Iowa.  A GRL client recently had his operating while intoxicated charge amended to public intoxication and reckless driving after the court determined that his right to speak with an attorney had been violated and his breath test result was determined to be inadmissible.  The client had requested privacy on the phone with his […]

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Officer Certifications Matter

Warren County, Iowa.  Recently it was determined that Officer Devin Thomas from the Indianola Police Department had not previously been certified through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to conduct OWI investigations including administering field sobriety tests, invoking implied consent, or operate the Datamaster.  Nevertheless, he engaged in an OWI investigation and subsequent arrest of a […]

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