Best Lawyer I Could Have Asked For Hands Down!

Best lawyer I could have asked for hands down!

BEST LAWYER in Iowa without a doubt! I was pulled over for the tint on my windows being too dark and ended up with an OWI! I live out of the state and needed a lawyer to help me with my case in Iowa. After I did my research and spoke with Bob on the phone, I knew that he was my absolute best option for an attorney. Him and his team are outstanding and made my case so much easier for me. They told me step by step what needed to be done and made my part of the case easy and much less stressful. I have never been in trouble with the law and was unfamiliar with the laws and legal lingo, but Bob and his team made everything simple and took over for most of my needs with the case requirements. I have nothing but great things to say about attorney Robert Rehkemper! On top of everything else he was able to lower my charges to a reckless driving ticket! I am beyond grateful that I hired him to represent me! Absolutely the best decision I could have made! Worth every penny!