CDL False Report of Duty Status Dismissed at Trial

The CDL defense attorneys at GRL Law score another win for a client after charges were dismissed.

Our driver was charged with false report of record of duty status.  The firm noted three possible defenses.  One in particular concerns how the complaint was verified.  I thought it would be a winner under these facts.  

However, I didn’t even get a chance to raise it at trial.   The trooper was en route, but 30 minutes late, when the prosecutor moved to dismiss at the State’s cost.

That never happens! 

I met the trooper on the sidewalk outside the courthouse minutes later.  “Good morning, trooper,” I said smiling.  He had no idea really.  The dismissal likely saved him, however, from some unflattering cross-examination about how the complaint was issued, served and verified.

I’ll save it for next time.

I tell this story because it reflects how the firm approaches CDL ticket defense.  We defend CDL cases across the state.  River to river.  All 99 counties.

We develop defenses against the charge itself.  We also assert all the statutory and constitutional protections on your behalf.

And, when necessary, we defend cases at trial.

Like this one.

The result certainly saved our client from a conviction.  It also saved his job. 

When you need a CDL ticket defense lawyer to defend you at trial, then look no further than GRL Law.