CDL License Saved

Polk County, Iowa.  Being a truck driver is hard.  Being a truck driver facing the loss of your CDL license as a result of an OWI is even more difficult because of the threat to losing your source of income.  A recent GRL client facing such a situation was elated when he was informed that attorney Matt Lindholm was able to securing a ruling suppressing his breath test refusal and getting the charges reduced to public intoxication and reckless driving. The reason the breath test refusal was suppress was because the officer had informed the client that the decision to submit to the breath test only dealt with the loss of his license and did not have any impact on the criminal case.  Under Iowa law as it currently stands however, a refusal to submit to a breath test is admissible in the criminal proceedings.  Thus, the client was misinformed about the impact his decision would have on his case.  View client’s testimonial here.