CDL Saved After GRL Law Proves Implied Consent Error

If you read our blog regularly, then you’ve seen several posts this year about GRL Law saving commercial driver licenses from disqualification.  This post is no exception.

Another CDL saved?

That’s right!

Our client was asked to submit a breath sample to determine his alcohol concentration.  He consented to testing after which time the DOT attempted to revoke his driving privileges.

A thorough review of the implied consent process revealed the officer made a mistake.  He advised our client that a test failure (over 0.08) results in a one-year disqualification, but a refusal results in a lifetime ban.  That’s not the law, but the mistaken advisory provides a pretty compelling reason to consent, right?

The DOT thought the same.  His consent was not the product of a reasoned and informed decision.

That means the revocation was rescinded and removed from his Iowa driving record.  His CDL remains intact.

There’s definitely a “secret sauce” to our process here at GRL Law.  If there is a defense, then we will find it.