Challenging an OWI Charge

When involved in a complicated accident hauling a piece of farm equipment on 6/23/20, I was charged at the scene with a combination of reckless driving, and an OWI.

I did not feel the OWI was in order and ended up, With the advise of my Son to seek help from the GRL firm in Des Moines Ia. Having no idea of what type of person or persons we were about to deal with, The experience was great from start to finish. My wife and I were treated as family by Bob and his wonderful assistant McKayla, always with extreme courtesy and prompt information and detail. I was given full right to add any details, pictures or data that could be of help, but the final judgement, and use o, was Bob’s decision. Apparently he knows his business, as he was able to get my charges down to Reckless Driving with no loss of driving privileges. Needless to say this family is elated with this outcome. A dark cloud removed. All that’s left for us to say is a sincere Thank You to Bob and McKayla Job Well Done

5.0 stars

Posted by Don Wagner