Consequences of Marijuana Possession in a Commercial Motor Vehicle

The drug defense attorneys at GRL have blogged before on the pitfalls of being stopped by police with marijuana in your personal vehicle.  Fortunately, Iowa no longer suspends your driving privileges for drug convictions.

Does this mean you can keep personal use quantities in the sleeper area of a semi truck?

In a word, no.  Not unless, of course, you are looking to have your CDL privileges disqualified for six months.

That’s right.

You will lose your privilege to drive a commercial motor vehicle if convicted of most simple possession offenses.   Marijuana, amphetamines or any narcotic drug will do the trick.

CDL drivers need to be particularly aware.  This is typically charged under Iowa Code section 321.449 (Motor Carrier Safety Rules), which is a simple misdemeanor.  Some may decide to just pay the $50 fine and move on.

That’s a trap for the unwary because this conviction triggers a DQ notice from the DOT.

A second conviction within three years triggers a three year disqualification.  Can you go three years without driving a truck?

If you are facing a possession charge involving a commercial motor vehicle, then you should call GRL Law immediately for a free initial consultation.  Your ability to drive for a living and provide for your family is at stake.