Cory Gourley, integrity, patience and professionalism, only way to discribe this lawyer

Posted by Charles, a Child Custody client
My case was a tough, post-divorce custody modification. Hard as it gets and Cory knocked it out of the park. His advice was dead on. I had many concerns along the way in a two year long court process. When things didn't go like we expected or wanted, he always had a plan B, even a plan C. He is worth every penny I spent. I heard from him when he knew I needed to instead of wasting our time and money discussing unnecessary matters. He did everything in his power to minimize my costs and still have a strong case. I would recommend him to a man or a woman for representation. I know from experience his concern is his client and the best interests of the children involved. When I felt things were not moving fast enough and I was frustrated or I wanted to go for the jugular, he always took the time to explain the process and calm me down sometimes more than once. He always left the actions we took in court up to me, never pushed me to do it his way. He laid out options based on his knowledge and experience and let me make the final choice. His law firm and his secretary Melissa worked hard to win my case, I am forever grateful. He made an impression on everyone that I introduced him to. Divorce and custody modification is emotionally tough and expensive. If you want the best, you need to call Gourley, Rehkemper and Lindhom, Ask for Cory or Melissa