Temporary Orders in Divorces and Child Custody

What do I do about custody, child support and spousal support while my divorce is pending? The divorce process in Iowa can take several months to finalize, leaving many people to wonder what arrangments can be made quickly during the waiting period on issues about who gets the kids, the money in the shared bank accounts and who gets the house, for now at least.  The answer is-you need a temporary order. These hearings are less formal and a hearing can be scheduled within days or weeks, and can help to lay some ground rules for yourself and your spouse while you wait for your divorce to be finalized.

A divorce attorney at GRL Law can help by getting a temporary order with the court outlining the obligations of the parties during the divorce.  Temporary orders can include, but are not limited to, custody, visitation, child support, division of children's expenses and expenses of the parties, use of the marital home, mutual restraining orders, and tax filing status. These temporary orders remain valid until the court has another hearing or the parties reach an agreement outside of court through mediation.