Does auto insurance cover bicycle accidents?

Does auto insurance cover bicycle accidents? Whether or not auto insurance covers bicycle accidents depends on the situation and depends on how the accident occurs. So, for example, if you are riding your bicycle, you're riding it legally, and a car, let's say, pulls in front of you or makes a turn in front of you when they are required to yield to you, or alternatively, maybe somebody's texting and they swerve over and they hit the bicyclist. Certainly, the auto insurance carrier is going to be responsible for that type of accident. And it's going to be not only just the driver, but the owner of the vehicle as well. If those are two different people, it could be two different policies. Anytime a vehicle is involved in an accident, it doesn't really matter who is injured or where they're injured. If they're in a car, if they're on a bicycle, if they're on a skateboard, if they're a pedestrian, that insurance policy's going to be responsible for that coverage in that situation. Now, on the other hand, if you're riding a bicycle and you make a mistake and maybe you fail to yield at an intersection and you hit a pedestrian, in that situation, typically you're auto insurance is not available to cover losses from the person that you injured, because there wasn't an automobile involved in the accident. Now, that doesn't mean that there's no coverage available. Oftentimes, homeowner's policies or even renter's policies will cover those types of incidents.